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Wende Correctional Facility Inmate Search


New York Department of Correctional Services

New York Erie


3040 Wende Road
Alden, , 14004


3040 Wende Road
Alden, , 14004

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  1. d daniels Thu, Jun 07 2012 5:28 PM

    please, never release Mark David Chapman, in killing john lennon, this man robbed your children and mine from listening to lennons music,the whole world lost a great man the day john died,it would be an insult to the legend of lennon were chapman ever to be released.

  2. Prayerwalker Sun, Aug 19 2012 4:59 PM

    Please never release Mark David Chapman for parole. He committed a pre-meditated, heinous crime. He does not deserve to be among the outside world with myself and the rest of the world. He took a life that was extremely important to, not only my existence, but for millions of others, as well. I still cry uncontrollably, not only for myself, but for John, Yoko, Sean, Julian, Cynthia and May. Again, Please, do not release him! We will remember John forever, as a wonderful human being that only wanted a better world for all of us! please do not desecrate his memory.

  3. jack Wed, Aug 22 2012 3:46 PM

    Not only should you never release the murderer of John Lennon but how dare conjugal visits be granted to him with that stupid ass wife of his from Hawaii who KNEW that he was going to murder John and never bothered to tell anyone!! As far as I am concerned, she should have been arrested as an accomplice as well as that jerk off female cop that supplied him with hollow point bullets to kill John Lennon!!! lET HIM ROT.

  4. WENDE MCKENZIE Thu, Aug 23 2012 3:33 PM


  5. Suzanne & Michael Wed, Aug 29 2012 10:24 PM

    I am 64 years old, and I grew up with the music of John Lennon. Part of me died the day that he died, and millions of people feel the same way. Please NEVER release Mark David Chapman. He got the notoriety he desired, and he destroyed the Father of Sean and husband of Yoko. John Lennon gave so much to the world, and it took the act of a madman to take it all away. Gun control in this country is pathetic.

  6. JC Thu, Jan 17 2013 6:24 AM

    When are you people going to learn to forgive yourselves and others ? If you do not forgive him along with others who have committed similar mistakes, then, all that John and many others have died for was written or done in vain. GET ON WITH IT - War is over - only if you want it.

  7. Marcello Scalpello Sun, Jan 20 2013 5:22 PM

    Dear Mark David Chapman, Your original name was Jeremiah. You were crucified at my right hand side on the Golgotha (the Skull). When I (Jesus Christ) said "Father forgive them, for they know not what they are doing", the one crucified to my left hand side said: "You are the Christ are you not? Save yourself and us", you, Mr. Mark David Chapman (Jeremiah),was kind to rebuke the other evil doer and said: "Do you not fear God at all, now that you are in the same judgement?". "And we indeed justly so, for we are receiving in full what we deserve for things we did, but this man did nothing out of the way". When you asked me to remember you when you get into our kingdom, I answered "Truly I tell you today, You will be with me in Paradise" The same I will say to you again today: "You shall be remembered with me in Paradise", because, Jehovah my father, and I myself find that you have paid for your mistakes in full and you owe nothing to the state, but the state owes a lot back to you. As a matter of fact they have done very little to remove the guns that continue to plague your nation. It is only man that finds it very hard to forgive. God forgave you already and I his one and only son forgive you too. This is the reason why I have the duty to write these words so that everyone can see. If John Lennon's (St. John the Baptist) families forgave/forgive you publicly and/or privately, then you are a free man. even though authorities may continue to detain you in prison. For the evil motives of man, John Lennon (now Reece) is my son whom I cannot meet and was born profoundly disabled because I required more answers and more time to answer the problems of this world. Authorities here continue to mislead me so that I cannot be with the woman that rightfully belongs to me as my Father Jehovah intended, instead of giving John to the rightful mother, I had no choice except to go back to my first wife and try to start over again by having another child, trying to imitate John Lennon's words in "Just like starting over". This resulted in a very complicated effort for my ex wife to bear the child and Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, UK, to repair his tiny heart so that he can live and make manifest of the mistakes that we all continue to commit in this present world. If the screws let you walk freely, make sure that you wear a bullet vest when still in the USA. I am aware that people still walk armed legally and yet nobody seems to want take this matter seriously and disarm your country from all the guns that there are. You must also make sure that you leave your country if you don't want any further threats from ignorant people who defend their own greed and go to a place where nobody can recognize you until the final day arrives. One day we shall meet again and I will hug you and thank you for the work you have completed. What you did was God's Will and not Satan's. As a matter of fact God has many guises, and moves mysteriously, but we as humans have serious difficulty to see not just with our eyes but also with our mind and that is why they have detained you for so long. Your situation is a one off case and extremely rare, that brought a lot of knowledge to investigators who continue to have difficulty accepting what really went on inside your mind. But God sees all and through him I can see everybody. Jehovah God will be with you always until the end of time, that perhaps you may want continue to work with children and bear witness of His everlasting mercy and light. Yours in God, Jeshua

  8. Dan Sat, Apr 13 2013 9:52 PM

    Mark David Chapman traveled all the way from Hawaii and even carried the fire arm on the plane with him to do the evil deed, this was a calculated and premeditated cold blooded murder and should have brought a charge of first degree murder with life and no parole. But now Mr. Lennon's widow Yoko has had to appear at each parole hearing( 7 so far )to keep this monster incarcerated. This man remains a threat to the remaining former Beatles as well as Yoko and Lennon's two sons. There is no good to be had in releasing this man back in to society.

  9. jesse Fri, Jul 19 2013 11:34 PM

    Hello,my name is jesse and i just wondered if an employee there at Wende Correctional Facility could possibly pass along a personal message from me to Mark David Chapman..John Lennon's killer. You are a complete waste of a human being as well as a complete waste of space here on the planet in every way!!!I hope that you slowly and painfully rot away in a slow and painful death every day that you are there at Wende.May you never see the light of day ever again and may evil spirits or demons slowly and painfully consume your soul bit by bit every time you take a breath.May you slowly and painful rot just a little more every day you are alive and burn hell eternally when your time comes in the end!!! I hope anyone reading this will forgive me for being so terribly cold and mean but john and "The Beatles" have been a gigantic part of my life growing up for quite some time now or many years and john was also one of my favorite beatles as well as people in the world too!!I love John and "The Beatles" dearly and very immensely!!When john died...part of me died along with him..i feel!Quite a huge part of me!!He and "The Beatles" are practically my whole world and well....that was all sadly destroyed or taken away December 8,1980..thanks to that waste of a human or piece of garbage as a human known as Mark Chapman.May misery eternally be with you every day that you are alive and then in the afterlife Mr.Chapman!!!

  10. Kenny Wed, Aug 07 2013 3:25 AM

    I am interested in sending a letter to mark David chapman for a pen pal assignment in my sophomore English class. Who do I contact about that?

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