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Can a Felon Own a Gun Oklahoma?

Generally speaking, federal law makes it a crime for a convicted felon to own or possess a gun or ammunition. If you were convicted of a federal felony crime, you must receive a presidential pardon if you are to ever own a firearm again. Some states, however, have specifically designed laws regarding felons convicted of […]

4 Good Places to Find Prison Pen Pals

Learn About Them Through friends. If you know someone who is incarcerated or has a family member incarcerated, ask for the name of an inmate who might like having a pen pal. This is an excellent way to meet pen pals because they can give a personal recommendation. Use Pen Pal Sites. There are several […]

Inmate Care Packages and How They Work

If your inmate is incarcerated in a jail that offers a care package program, you can have some fun surprising your inmate from time to time with a box full of things that you've personally selected for him or her. The Basics Inmate care packages are boxes or bags that are pre-filled with items from […]

Drug Addiction and Anger: Why Should I Do Anything for Him After All He Did?

When your boyfriend was doing drugs, there was chaos everywhere he went. Now that he completed rehab and is in recovery, he might need assistance with a few things to get started again. Putting your anger aside and helping him can provide the following benefits. Self-confidence: Whether he admits it or not, when he was […]

Your Rights as a Pregnant Inmate

If you are incarcerated and pregnant, you need to be sure you notify the prison staff immediately. You will be given a pregnancy test to be sure you are expecting. If you are, some changes will be made to accommodate your condition. Each state has its own rules about the treatment of pregnant inmates, but […]

Dealing with a Drug Addict: How I Started Letting Go

If you are dealing with an addict in your life, you already know that you won't be able to keep it up forever. There will come a point where you will need to reclaim your life and get back among the living. Years ago, I began taking gradual steps toward letting go and by the […]

What Info Can I Get From An Inmate Search?

Nothing is scarier than a missing person. You're frantic to find out what happened. Then it hits you: Maybe your loved one got arrested. Many jails have websites that allow you to look up inmates currently in custody. Some even list those who were booked and recently released. But an inmate search can tell you […]

Getting a Felon's Voting Rights Restored in Hawaii

Voting is one of the most fundamental rights given to American citizens, however, once you've been convicted of a felony, whether or not that right will be restored to you is up to the state that you reside in. The laws for Hawaii include: If You Have Been Charged In Hawaii you maintain your right […]

Can a Felon Own a Gun In West Virginia?

West Virginia still requires you to receive a pardon from the governor's office before you can own/possess a gun in that state. Obtaining a pardon in West Virginia is very difficult. Over a recent period of nine different governors, only 131 pardons were granted out of all that applied. An attorney experienced in obtaining felony […]

Coordinating Inmate Visitation To Minimize Conflicts

Most jails allow three to five visitors to see an inmate at the same time. Problems can come about when too many people want to be there simultaneously. Managing the visitation schedule will reduce stress and insure that your inmate gets to see everyone. Check Visitation Rules Some jails will allow people to split visits […]

Can a Felon Possess a Gun In Georgia?

Georgia law is very clear on its position regarding convicted felons in that state owning or possessing firearms: It follows the federal law when it comes to guns and felons. The Basics: With the exception of a felony conviction that is non-violent and related exclusively to a business-related crime, if you have ever been convicted […]

He is a Drug Addict, but he Keeps Passing Drug Tests – How?

The probation department has the ability to send a test off to be examined for tampering, but you don't have those same connections. Understanding how they can be cheated will help you test him more effectively. Related: How do America's drug courts work? The Houdini switch Drug users have this down to a science. Everyone […]

Average Prison Sentence Per Offense

The one thing that is consistent about US prison sentences is their inconsistency. Each state sets its own rules to use for each criminal offense. The more serious crimes, called felonies, are typically given longer sentences, while less serious crimes, called misdemeanors have shorter sentences. Taking a life — A premeditated murder can result

Can a Felon Possess a Gun In Colorado?

Colorado law allows certain convicted felons to own or possess guns. Federal law still makes it a crime to do so, and in some cases the feds have pursued prosecution of those who possess guns in states that allow it. Only an attorney should advise you on this matter but the basics of Colorado's laws […]

Bio-chemical treatment for Alcohol Addiction

One method of treatment for alcoholism is the bio-chemical method. While other recovery paths concentrate on powerlessness over addictions and the acceptance of a higher power, the bio-chemical treatment places importance on stabilizing the brain's chemistry. It has long been known that certain brain chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin and endorphins

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The Clermont County Jail in Batavia, Clermont County, Ohio, like all jails is a maximum security facility. Because the inmates in this jail range from low level offenders to those being held for violent crimes like robbery, rape and murder, the security level is as high as is it is in any maximum security state prison. Some of the security features in this facility include security cameras, electronic detection and reinforced fencing topped with razor wire. Correctional officers in Clermont County Jail are armed with mace and trained to use physical force to protect themselves and other inmates from violence.

The men, women and juveniles being held in the Clermont County Jail are either awaiting trial or have been sentenced in the Clermont County Court System already and been sentenced to a period of time of one year or less. When an inmate is sentenced to a year or more, they are admitted into the Ohio Prison or Federal Prison System. Inmates in the Clermont County Jail are fed three meals a day totaling 2,500 calories, are allowed access to phones to contact friends and family members, are allowed at least one hour a day for exercise, have access to books, bathroom and shower facilities. The inmates are allowed mail to be delivered to them as well as newspapers and magazine from trusted outside publishers. In addition, Clermont County houses the following juvenile facility: Clermont County Juvenile Detention Center.

On this page you will find direct links to specific information that friends and family members of inmates will find useful: Clermont County Inmate Search, Inmate Phone use, Visitation Rules and Schedules, Commissary Deposits and Information about the Clermont County Jail Inmate Mail Guidelines. In addition, you will find information on how to contact the facility, directions to the jail, Clermont County recent arrests, Most Wanted, outstanding Arrest Warrants and much more.

Clermont County Jail Inmate Search

Clermont County Sheriff

Ohio Clermont 334
4700 E. Filager Road
Batavia, OH 45103
(513) 732-7541

Consequences of Introducing Contraband

It might be tempting to bring your inmate something from the outside, but doing so can have very serious consequences. If your inmate asks you to bring something illegal into the facility, he or she is not thinking clearly, therefore, it is up to you to be strong and not get the both of you […]

When Your Online Search Doesn't Find Your Inmate

Many jails have online databases listing those who have been arrested. In some cases, the database is updated every few minutes. If you do a search but nothing comes up, it doesn't necessarily mean your loved one is not incarcerated. There are several reasons an inmate can be in jail but not showing up in […]

Massachusetts Marijuana Laws

Decriminalizing Marijuana doesn't always mean it is completely legal. In some cases, such as in Massachusetts, possession of less than an ounce is no longer a crime but is now a civil offense. Possession It is a civil offense to possess one ounce or less of Marijuana. If found guilty the fine is $100. In […]

Get a Special Visit If You Live Far From the Jail

The logistics of visiting an inmate who is incarcerated very far from where you live can be tricky. If the jail has very short visits or requires a specific visitation registration processes, it makes it even more difficult. Some jails make exceptions for those who must travel to visit the inmate. How Far is Far? […]

5 Ways to Help an Addict While he is Away at Rehab

Unless your friend is still living at home with parents and has no bills or responsibilities, he/she is going to need some help while at rehab. The five main reasons addicts worry about being gone are: Pets: If you are an animal lover, you might offer to take his pet in and take of him […]

What Happens if You Bond Someone Out and That Person Flees?

In the chaos of an arrest it is easy to get caught up in the moment and race to bail someone out of jail. Bonding someone out is not hard to do, but if that person doesn't show up in court when ordered to do so, your life could become very difficult. Be sure you […]

Getting a Felon's Voting Rights Restored in Florida

Voting is one of the most fundamental rights given to American citizens, but once you're convicted of a felony, whether or not that right will be restored to you is up to the state that you reside in. Florida overview: The Process If you have been convicted of a felony, the state of Florida has […]

How Does a Bail Bond Process Work?

Many states allow defendants to be released from jail to wait for court by paying a percentage of the total bond amount. Percentages range from 10 to 20 percent depending on state law. Understand how the process works to help someone who's been arrested. What is a Bond? A bond is an amount of money […]

Five Reasons to Go to Drug Rehab and Stay Out of Jail

You know you have a problem, because lately your life has been falling apart. But going to rehab or seeking outpatient treatment seems like a drastic measure, because you're still surviving. Think about getting help for these reasons: It shows your family you are serious. How many times have you promised to stop using drugs […]

What to do if a Family Member Goes Missing

When a family member goes missing, it strikes fear in the heart of loved ones but panicking will not help the situation. The following steps can narrow the search and if authorities become involved will help them streamline the process. Contact authorities. Tell them you do not wish to wait 24 hours because your family […]

How to Get Your Visitation Suspension Lifted

The hardest part of having your jail visits suspended indefinitely is not having any idea when or if you are going to be able to visit your inmate again. In most cases, visits are suspended due to the visitor violating visitation rules. There are things you can do to try and those visits reinstated. Get […]

A Guide to Inmate Visitation Online

Jails across the nation are catching on to the popularity of offering remote, "at-home," visitation. Not only is it convenient for jail staff, inmates, and family members, but it is also a way for the jail to collect revenue because in most cases, at-home visitation is a paid service. How it Works To be able […]

Can a Felon Possess a Gun In Illinois?

Illinois law allows certain convicted felons to own or possess guns. Federal law still makes it a crime, and in some cases the feds have pursued prosecution in states that allow it. Only an attorney should advise you on this matter but the basics of Illinois laws are as follows: Your rights can be restored […]

Inmate Voting Rights: Can I Vote After Being Convicted of a Misdemeanor Offense?

In most states, once you are released from jail for your misdemeanor conviction your voting rights are fully restored. In some cases, you are still allowed to vote even while incarcerated. In the states of Idaho, Kentucky, Indiana, South Carolina, Michigan, South Dakota and Missouri, if you are in jail or prison due to a […]

An Inmate Can Meditate to Alleviate Fears in Prison

If someone you know is in prison, you can be sure there is stress involved in that inmate's daily life. Prisons are loud, can be dangerous and there is very little freedom. In addition, simply being sentenced to do time disrupts life with regard to employment, family and other outside obligations. By the time the […]

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Visiting an Inmate in the Clermont County Jail in Ohio

At Clermont County Jail, Ohio, there is no open visitation to the public. A particular inmate's visitation day vary by the housing assignment. There is also no ability for jail staff to tell you an inmate's visitation schedule. The inmate must get in contact with you, to tell you their visitation schedule, and to arrange with you the best day and time according to their timetable.

So there is no specific availability or days for you to follow – get in touch with the Jail, who can put you in touch with the inmate, and it can be arranged from there.

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writes about inmates, jails, prisons, courts and the lives of people who live and work within the United States Criminal Justice System. His mission can be summed up in a single word; transparency.

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How to use the Inmate Search for Clermont County Jail in Ohio

Though there are no search functions on the website of Clermont County Jail, there is a detailed list of every single inmate that is spending time at Clermont County Jail, and this is updated automatically every single hour of the day, so you can be sure that the information is as up to date as possible;

You can search the records here by:

  • Common Pleas
  • Probate / Juvenile
  • Municipal

[Article_Ad_21]Seen as this is a jail, not a prison, people move very quickly out of the jail and therefore it is important that you keep track of them so you can see where they are going next. Each inmate, listed by Surname alphabetically, there is a lot of information for each inmate, such as:

  • Date of Birth
  • Booking Number
  • Booking Date
  • The Crime they are accused of
  • Bond cost
  • Bond type
  • Case Number
  • Judge

This gives you all the information you need to find each inmate you are looking for. Simply use the Search function on your Web Browser(File/Options > Find, this may vary so please check your Web Browsers website to find more definite details) to find the information that you know about the inmate.

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RELATED: Clermont County Jail Inmate Services

writes about inmates, jails, prisons, courts and the lives of people who live and work within the United States Criminal Justice System. His mission can be summed up in a single word; transparency.

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Communicating with an Inmate Housed at the Clermont County Jail in Ohio

You can contact an in-mate using the U.S. Postal Service:

Clermont Country Jail
(Inmate Name)
4700 East Filager Rd
Batavia, OH 45103

Please remember to leave a return address on the letter itself, not the envelope.

Also please know that you CANNOT phone the Jail to speak to the inmate, under the illusion it is a family emergency. If you call to report a family emergency, it must be verifiable, it must have proof to come along with it, only then will your message ba passed on.

Fantasy attempts to contact inmates can result in disciplinary action against the inmate.

You can prevent an inmate from getting in touch with you by contacting Combined Public Communications at 859-441-5554 or go to www.combinedpublic.com.

If the inmate is moved to a state institution – you will be contacted to collect any personal belongings that are in the jail. You are not allowed to bring them personal property to take to the state institution.

How can the inmate contact me?

An inmate will be allowed two free phone calls. In addition, they can purchase writing material and envelopes to send you a letter from the jail directly. There are also call lines where the inmate can be collected to answer the phone – so you can call up and speak to them directly, to arrange such meetings.

How can I contact the inmate?

You can call directly to the jail too to speak to inmates at a fixed rate of $2.00 for a 30 minute phone call. Pre-paid phone calls using the cards that you buy at the jail and use there are $1.50 for a 30 minute phone call. There are also long-distance calls that work as:

  • Pre-paid long distance calls - $1.50 connection fee, $0.25/minute for a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • Collect and Direct Pay Toll Calls - $2.50 connection fee, $0.28/minute for a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • Collect and Direct Pay Long Distance Calls(State to State) - $3.95 connection fee, $0.50/minute, for a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • If you have any issues regarding the quality of service or the billing of our phone calls, please get in touch with Combined Public Communications at 859-441-5554 or at www.combinedpublic.com.

You can find out when an inmate is going to be released by contacting the Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) at 800-770-0192, or at www.vinelink.com.

Please note that if you bring an inmate items, the following is the list of items that we can accept:

  • Prescription medicine which is clearly labelled, in the original container.
  • Any medical device – glasses, inhalers, prosthetic limbs etc.
  • A maximum of 2 bra's – they must have no underwire or metal – this is for female inmates only.

There are no items that you are required to send somebody who is in Clermont County Jail, they will provide food, clothing, hygiene and other needed items like toiletries. You can also send them money which will be added to their account, so that they can buy phone credit to get in touch with you and others, snacks, and magazines.

Though the Jail staff are not permitted to accept cash to give to inmates, we have ways for you to put money into their account:

  • Online, using a debit or credit card at http://www.accesscorrections.com
  • Deposit money into their account by calling Access Corrections at 1-866-345-1884.
  • Use the kiosk in the Jail lobby, this accepts deposits in cash or debit/credit card.
  • Send money via U.S. Postal Service to the inmate. Place the inmates name on the order, and mail it to:

Clermont Country Jail
(Inmate Name)
4700 East Filager Rd
Batavia, OH 45103

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writes about inmates, jails, prisons, courts and the lives of people who live and work within the United States Criminal Justice System. His mission can be summed up in a single word; transparency.

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