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Broward Transitional Center Inmate Search



Broward Transitional Center Inmate Search

ICE Detention Facility

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

3900 N. Powerline Road
Pompano Beach, FL, 33073

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  1. tracy Mon, Feb 14 2011 7:49 PM

    Hello my name is Tracy an I love a man who is in broward transitional center.He has a handsome son and I don't think he needs to stay in there. So I want to know that if he has a family and if he is not a threat to the state then why keep him in there? I love him and im going to get him out what ever it takes for me to do it. I know him and he isn't a bad person he just did something stupid like every other person does.Also he isn't any different then us americans he's a human isn't he, we all are.Well I hope someone really likes what i had to write and takes it into consideration. sincerly Tracy Jewell,thank you and glod bless you.

  2. Me Tue, May 10 2011 11:03 PM

    My boyfriend is a wonderful man that did nothing but drive without a licence because the need to get to work is obviously needed.. He doesn't deserve to be removed from this country because he has done nothing but take care of his family.. Is that considered a crime??

  3. elaine Thu, Jun 09 2011 3:52 PM

    My brother A# 99737998 will be deported in the name of the court having a mistaken information. In 2007 his car was stolen and was said by the judge today that he stole the car. I have proof in front of me that HE WAS THE VICTIM. PLEASE SEND ME YOU FAX #.

  4. sweetness Thu, Jul 14 2011 2:09 AM

    I personally think all the inmates deserve a chance to get there self straighten out before the think to just deport them (my love one is there)

  5. Jessica Fri, Sep 30 2011 12:31 PM

    my sister has been at the broward center for almost 4 months now : (. Her "crime" was driving without a licence, Her two children tremendously suffering and all her family as well. There is not doubt this nation needs an immigration reform soon....There are many people who deserve to be in this country. I am Mexican and get so frustrated when American say that we all are criminals. It's not fair, most of my people came here looking for a better life. I'm a US citizen and I feel to sad and frustrated that I have not been able to help my sister because of the insensitive and senseless immigration laws!

  6. For the PEOPLE Sat, Oct 01 2011 1:36 PM

    We need to implement an immigration reform! After a recent Observational field trip visit to the center, it is unreal how the inmates are treated. They're given just enough food to not starve, the "store" is ridiculously overpriced and the officers are complete ........! How can they get away with unlawful arrests, which unless action is taken soon, will continue to happen! I think the media needs to get involved. We need to shed light on this. Underpaid and overworked, hardly an excuse! Join the rest of America! Not to mention the Judge who's completely bias and exerts his opinion well before each trial if you will. What ever happened to a fair trial, releasing people on their own recognizance.. I mean come on, out of thousands, not ONE is worthy, please!! Whether you are for or against this, everyone deserves a FAIR, uncorrupt chance. Whatever happened to human rights?!?

  7. liz Tue, Nov 08 2011 5:40 PM

    my uncle by marriage is in the center, he too was just trying to get to work because he supports his children" not the state no welfare " so now he sits waiting for help from his family, he isnt a hardened criminal he's just a man trying to provide for his family. i have been put on hold more times than i can count or told to call ack in 15 minutes. whats wrong with this world of ours? oh by the way im a u.s. born citizen who is very dissapointed in our system. people need to stand together and fight for changes, how many americans are hurting or frauding our system? and then you have people who just want to work for a living and are treated like aliens ( from another planet) its a shame!!!!!!

  8. Amber Sun, Dec 04 2011 11:15 PM

    My cousin Hamza Tufail is locked up in Broward transitional center and has been there for quite some time. He doesn't deserve to be in there, his visa is still valid. Reading about people's stories makes me realize that all the people in this place are innocent. He is definitely not a threat to the outside world and i thought that was the reason people get locked up. He is a completely innocent man and I am willing to do anything to prove that. I just wish people with more power could do something about it.

  9. josie Sun, Dec 18 2011 7:48 PM

    Hola mi nombre es josie, no entiendo porque personas que tienen que salir a trabajar para tener el alimento en la mesa como todos ustedes lo tienen alli esta el padre de mi hijo el es fernando A# 73758762 el es bueno trabajador y buen padre les pido en el nombre de Dios que a el le den una oportunidad y a todos los que tienen hijos le pido a mi padre Dios que les toque el corazon y sepan tener buena vision al ver cuando una persona es buena que solo busca el bien gracias Dios Bendiga hoy y siempre

  10. DENNIS Wed, Dec 28 2011 12:00 PM

    I am a permanent resident in the usa.I worked as a correctional officer in jamaica for 21 years. Is there any way i could be employed with ICE?

  11. vicky Mon, Jan 23 2012 8:13 PM

    My boyfriend (A205013469) is in BTC. he got pulled over while going to work and because he has no license he was taken. this is unjust, he has been here half his life and it not his fault he has to drive, we all have to make a living. please take a minute to sign his petition so he won't get deported! http://www.change.org/petitions/the-us-senate-tell-ice-dont-deport-florida-dreamer-luis-avelar thankyou for the support!

  12. katherine falu Tue, Jan 24 2012 1:43 PM

    hi my name is kathy my boyfriend A200615194 is in there he has court on thursday i just hope everything goes well i know it will it just sad how yall ppl dont care about there kid that are suffering for there love one my son is only 6 month and it starting to say dada he miss his afther please dont let him stay there my son and i are living in the street for the past 1 month i need him here is the only family i have

  13. lana Sat, Jun 16 2012 7:07 PM

    Please sign this petition. Our deer friend is getting deported. No criminal records. http://www.change.org/petitions/president-obama-and-us-senators-marco-rubio-and-bill-nelson-assist-with-a-legalization-for-vasiliy-melnikov?utm_campaign=share_button_mobile&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petition

  14. Petr Balabanov Mon, Jul 09 2012 3:54 PM

    I can't imagine how Inga Barysheva, nice person,speak 6 languages, university education,has her son US citizen, her sister-US citizen,her mother-US permanent resident,and this beautiful 29 years old is detained in BTC more than 2 years for intention to join her family. What are you thinking about? Maybe it's a personal goal of BTC leader Mr.Bradley.Because her case doesn't match with ICE policy to make our country better.

  15. Petr Balabanov Mon, Jul 09 2012 3:57 PM

    I can't imagine how Inga Barysheva, nice person,speak 6 languages, university education,has her son US citizen, her sister-US citizen,her mother-US permanent resident,and this beautiful 29 years old is detained in BTC more than 2 years for intention to join her family. What are you thinking about? Maybe it's a personal goal of BTC leader Mr.Bradley.Because her case doesn't match with ICE policy to make our country better.

  16. Petr Balabanov Sat, Jul 14 2012 2:20 PM

    Add comments to Inga case: she had 2 valid visas at the moment of admission to the USA, no any substances record, no any crime or offences. So, the only honest issue for ICE to release her from this Transition Center as soon as possible.My suggestion to her- to write about herself to President and Mr.Romney. It could make US newspapers to be interested in her case and active find out on local officers responsibilities,integrity and professionalism.

  17. Jennifer Davis Fri, Oct 05 2012 10:05 AM

    My fiance is being held by the Broward Transitional center at this time. A205499122 His name is Marcos Torres Mariano. I love this man more than anything and he is a great father to my daughter (who is not his). He is my sole provider because I can not find a job due to the economy. He was not even doing anything wrong when he was picked up. He was RIDING in the back of a work truck that was pulled over because of a taillight and the officer decided to check everyone's papers in the truck. He was just trying to take care of his family by working. We have so many people that have written letters that say he is an awesome man and a hard worker. They have said they will sponsor him. I am waiting for approval to marry him right now. If it is our goal to better America then he will not be deported. He is the best man I have ever known and he has no criminal record at all. He is not a problem and has never been a problem for anyone here. He has been a father to my daughter when her real father who is a US citizen has turned his back and will not even pay child support...how about deport him to an island somewhere and keep Marcos, THAT would better America. I am not asking for a handout, I and Marcos am asking for a hand up and give him a chance to make everything right. We have planned on getting married but he wanted to see a lawyer first to see what was the best way to go about it. He is my gift from God and I need him by my side. I can see deporting someone who has done something wrong but Marcos has never done anything to anyone except try to help. He is the kindest man I have ever known.

  18. Mary Luz Simanca Sun, Nov 11 2012 9:21 PM

    yo solo quiero saber donde poner una queja por la mala alimentacion que reciben los presos de ese sitio es malisima la comida si es que se puede llamar comida

  19. TRUTH TELLER Tue, Jun 18 2013 2:09 PM


  20. Shanon Garay Wed, Aug 21 2013 11:02 PM

    My question is what if the Detainee already signed the paper that he wants to go back to Mexico can he reject it now?! He doesn't know any phone number only one and he called several times but she never answered the phone and I already have the immigration lawyer Is there anything else I can do to fix this error before he lives?!

  21. Dan Sun, Nov 17 2013 6:55 PM

    I was there. Didn't have a license while cops stopped me. Don't have any bad record in us for living 5 years. I couldn't be there much long then two month and volunteered for departure. Us system needs to be improved. I loved this country for 5 years and tried to make it better. Now us immigration system killed me and I gave up. That is a terrible private owned detention center. It is a business where inmates are just a numbers and a salary. Where judge is a racist and deportation officers telling that into your face like it happened to my case. Dep officer told me you better go to your country because judge will deny your case because he had his son involved to a car accident. I saw the United States from the other side. Good luck to anyone who has there family and friends there.

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