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Crossroads Correctional Center Inmate Search


Missouri Department of Corrections

Missouri Clinton


1115 East Pence Road
Cameron, MO, 64429


1115 East Pence Road
Cameron, MO, 64429

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Comments 8

  1. juanita Thu, Jul 21 2011 9:19 PM

    Hi my name is juanita i have a son in prison and i think they should get better food, what is the prison warden doing with all the money they get from every inmate,and they colect money for restition.

  2. Donald Stevens Wed, Aug 01 2012 10:31 AM

    My son also is in prison. I know any money sent, he only get $5. of it . the rest goes to restition until it's paid off. We paid our sons off early so he gets to keep all the money we send him in his account.

  3. Donald Stevens Wed, Aug 01 2012 12:44 PM

    As far as prisons go, this one seems to be one of the better ones. I like the idea that there is no limit on the length of a letter like other prisons have(10) pages. and you can send, I think up to 20 pictures at a time also.Pictures are their out let to the outside world.

  4. krissy hobbs Sun, Mar 17 2013 1:46 PM

    Donald as far as MO prisons go, this is the last 1 any1 wants to be in, unless they are down right mean or if they were like me and get turned out, the brothers liked me cuz i was so tiny and had a fem bod, it didnt take them long to be selling me all over, i didnt mind, im a b**ch on the streets, but i bet in the yr i was there i had 60diff black men have me, sometimes multiple men, my cell mate pimped me out for a pack of cigarettes, he would make me go suck and take it from behind. At night my cell mate would make me sleep in his bunk so he could wake up and fuck me daily, they didnt care, every1 of them came inside me or made me swallow it, by the time i came home i was wearing pink hand sewn panties and make up, all shaved, hell i looked like a girl...so nice prison,,,no,,,fun,,,ya, i loved every minute of the cock i had in there, i even sucked over 15 diff guys in a day....them guys kept me full of protein

  5. krissy hobbs Sun, Mar 17 2013 2:26 PM

    Donald i guess it was hardest for me, cuz eventhough my mom knew i was "bi", she had to find out through visits that i was a baby, cuz everytime i had a food visit, i had to take my daddy and he did the talkin, and would tell my mom that the brothers were making sure nothin bad happened to me, and he would look at me and say right baby girl and i would smile, and say yes mom, the brothers take real good care of me in here. The second visit i had lipstick and eye shaddow, and she flipped, and my daddy said, dont worry bout your baby, since the last visit, she has really come around. He would put his hand on my thigh and call me girl and tell me to go get things out of the vending machine...showed her some yard pix, of me in tight pink or light blue ass hangin out shorts and a wife beater with a knot in it to show off my belly, and me on my knees and 5-9brothers around me. My mom asked me if i wanted her to do anything, i said hell no, i love bein a b**ch, no white guys, im a white baby. She got used to it, since she knew i liked men on the streets, but she didnt think that id be only into black men, damn the smallest cock that i sucked or f**ked was atleast 10inches.mmmmm, all the way up to omg im screaming and cuming at the same time big...it was great every1 knowing that i was a b**ch, evertime i went to the hole i got fucked the whole time

  6. keli Sun, Mar 17 2013 5:09 PM

    O dang Krissy, your are so lucky, my mom caught me giving head when i was 11 to a 15yr old, then about a yr later caught me doin it to 3 of my friends, and found me exhausted and passed out covered in cum and wearing a skirt stockings, heels, and a lil tube top, i was on my bed sprawled out and 4 guys were leaving when she got there, she asked me what was goin on, and i told her that i just gave 4 guys head, and she said WHAT, i said mom ive sucked cock since i was 11yrs old, and wont stop, i want to have men make love to me, she said have u even tryed sex with a girl, i said no, i dont want to be with girls, i want to be a girl, she sat down beside me and we talked for a while and we cried, then the next thing i knew i was sucking on her pussy, i have to admit it was good, i think she wanted to fuck, mayb to turn me around, but i wouldnt, she sucked me off and swallowed my load, that was the only girl that sucked me off, and the only pussy ive ever eaten, my biological mother, mmmm she did taste good, but she knows i love men, she paid for my small breast implants and got me into a dr for estrogen, and voice changing, and so hair dont grow where its not supposed to...i love her for understanding me, and for her doin what she did orally, but i know i can suck a cock better than my mom haha....she has caught me getting fucked so many times, cuz i stay lubed and wear a lot of skirts, its so hot when your own mom walks in the house and a man is making love to me while im standing up, o does it make me cum when she sees a man make love to me, and kiss me. We have sex with guys in the same room, we are bff's

  7. AM Sun, Mar 24 2013 5:15 PM

    Does anyone know what kind of therapy or counseling services are available to inmates? Thanks for any help you can provide!

  8. Jenn Sat, Dec 14 2013 5:51 PM

    My son is locked up here and they are tryn to tax the comacery I think this is unfair.We already have pay taxes on sending them money now they have to pay taxes..I would like to know how this is fair.My son is doing 25 yrs & he does not get to be claimed on taxes this is unfair to all of us.

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