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When Your Online Search Doesn't Find Your Inmate

Many jails have online databases listing those who have been arrested. In some cases, the database is updated every few minutes. If you do a search but nothing comes up, it doesn't necessarily mean your loved one is not incarcerated. There are several reasons an inmate can be in jail but not showing up in […]

Three Ways to Make Jail Calls Cheaper

Telephone calls are a lifeline between inmates and their families. Just hearing each other's voices helps ease the tension and anxiety surrounding incarceration. As nice as it is to get those calls, they can get expensive. The following three ideas can make the calls fit your budget better. Avoid Peak Hours for Collect Calls Many […]

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Solitary Confinement for Teenagers is a Bad Idea. Here's What We Can Do About It.

Inhumane disciplinary isolation for incarcerated children is causing suicides and other harm. All who believe that teenagers deserve special attention at their time of need will be interested in the recommendations in this New York Times piece. Read about it here: End Solitary Confinement for Teenagers

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SCI Camp Hill Inmate Search


Pennsylvania Department of Corrections

State Correctional Institution at Camp Hill

Pennsylvania Cumberland 3413


2500 Lisburn Road
P.O. Box 8837
Camp Hill, PA,


2500 Lisburn Road
P.O. Box 8837
Camp Hill, PA,

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Comments 32

  1. SAkinah Sat, Oct 08 2011 5:02 PM

    Hello, Could someone tell me what address to use to send BF books to Camphill? I dont think the bookstore will ship to a PO Box, or will they?

  2. cynthia turner Mon, Nov 21 2011 1:04 PM

    Inmate shouldnt have the same privileges like they are free they should have nothing but time on thier hands to think about the many lives they destroyed food and meals should be all they get. let them serve time and have nothing else, they mine as well be free if they have all these luxuries as if they are free. no consequenses they will repeat the same behavior. they are getting enough of the tax payers money already

  3. cynthia turner Mon, Nov 21 2011 1:06 PM

    Band e-mail from inmates they dont deserve that privilege that is another opportunity to continue to contact and intimitate citizens, especially the victims who fear for their lives.

  4. Ka Sun, Jan 29 2012 1:05 PM

    REALLY!!!!! Some people tickles me with the ignorenece. Take this away make prisoners do this do that. Unless you walked in the shoes of others who has a family member in prison. PLEASE BE MINDFUL OF WHAT YOU SAY!!!! Every prisoner is not there because of something bad that they caused on themselves. For example. My husband was protecting himself from stupid ass thugs who jumped and beat him with pipes and bats. Because he flipped the script and got the best of them. Now hes in jail. My husband is 50 years old he's not the drama kind of dude. So yes I will support and stand by him and make his 9 months comfortable as possible.

  5. Jo Ellen Turner Sat, Mar 03 2012 2:11 PM

    OMG! Everyone has rights no matter who they are. Not eveyone in prison is bad or deserves to be there. Just lets pray for them all and hope they are all well and come home to us safe. My nephew is 60 days in the hole at camphill for a guards reasons and we dont know why. please pray for him.

  6. christy Sun, Apr 22 2012 12:10 AM

    Cynthia you are a very ignorant person.

  7. melissa Fri, Aug 24 2012 2:52 AM

    God really! Ya if u think praying helps them by all means plz pray for my husband who is serving a 3 1/2 to 10yr sentence for armmed robbery. And of course he is a good man who was just trying to do what he thought was best for his family. and of course he is in camp hell! and u know some people can still be good people and just make mistakes. Not everyone in prison deserves to be treated like an animal and have even the simplest things taken from them, most have already lost so much and the prison systems our failing to help rehabilate the prisoners so that when they are released they can function in society. Because of power hungry guards and just pure evil souls who run the prision systems most come out worse than they were before they went in. oh and cynthia u r an ignorant person, and ur gonna burn in hell someday!

  8. judy Thu, Dec 06 2012 3:35 PM

    melissa i agree with you my dad in camp hill and he a very good hearted person and he 63 years old just got into something stupied and doing 9 -24 months like you said everyone makes mistake and not even a animal derserve to be treated badley my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family yes jo ellen we all do have a right god bless thoughts and prayers go out to you all

  9. ronda Fri, Jan 18 2013 8:54 PM

    Camp Hill is the worst prison in PA. People think the inmates are getting rehabilitated and help for issues that got them there. This is far from the case, Jails are moneymakers and The inmates at Camp Hill are treated like animals and Guards treat them however they want.This Jail should be shut down and the whole system changed. CYNTHIA; you have no idea what you are talking about.

  10. Esther Morales Cole Fri, Mar 01 2013 5:28 PM

    How do you know when a family member is out?

  11. Renee Mon, Mar 25 2013 9:35 AM

    Any info for visiting Camp Hill? My father in law is there and my daughter wants to visit. Good idea or not?

  12. jamie Mon, Apr 08 2013 6:52 PM

    can you go visit a inmate with a old charges. and ur on probation right now

  13. Grace Wed, Apr 10 2013 8:18 PM

    Could someone please tell me how a family member can access the commissary to make package purchases and other items?

  14. Blackpanther Mon, Apr 15 2013 2:05 PM

    My son was railroaded by the system and his attorney..who I later found out he was disbarred years ago...It's just messed up how things are..What I don't get and think should not be allowed..is when you put money on the books..they can take out 30% of the money to pay their fines..and if they work..they take from that as well..they should only take from when they work. I'm not the one to pay off the fine that he was wrongfully accused of...They just make money off of the families of the prisoners..and it makes me sick to my stomach to see the greed they have...straight devils in the flash I tell ya...!

  15. Jody Mon, Apr 22 2013 11:01 PM

    It totally saddened me to read the many post I knw r true. My nephew who just turned 18 made a mistake. He's just a boy .I'm so scared That he will end up at camp hill. I'm afraid for his safety! I'm not sayin what he did(robbery) is right, he wad with the wrong group of kids. As I pray for ur loved one to BE safe..please pray for mine. Ty Jc

  16. T Mon, May 13 2013 5:32 PM

    LOL, if you commit the crime you do the time. Duh, you dont end up in prison because you forgot to tie your shoes. Oh, my so and so was a good person, he made a mistake, he was hanging around the wrong people. Well then you pay the price. The end.

  17. touch freeloc Sun, Jun 09 2013 9:39 AM

    not every one is a bad person that ends up in jail. we all make mistakes just some are worse than others,for those of you who bad mouth them, what if it was your child? no one deserves to be walked away from. and your obviously on this site for a reason, is it your kid, grand kid,mother,father ? think twice before you speak.

  18. Diane Tue, Jun 11 2013 2:45 PM

    Can anyone tell me How long SCI Camp Hill's classification process is?

  19. carl Fri, Jun 14 2013 3:51 PM

    like three or four weeks if I remember..maybe more....I was there

  20. Bestey Mon, Jun 17 2013 8:03 AM

    I would like t know why when i called Camp Hill to have them get in touch with an inamte because his moher issick and i wanted to let him know and to see if he could call me back I never got a call from him and i am his Aunt.

  21. I'm D-Nice! Fri, Jun 28 2013 1:29 PM

    T to a certain extent has a small point but the system is mos def only there to make that loot off a prisoner & his fam! I fuggin hate the DOC! State & Feds, they really do treat you like your sub-human, an animal. Oh & cynthia turner...your a complete idiot! Theres a reason your on this site & I'm real curious to kno that reason...is it ur son? Ur grandson? Nephew? Whos locked up in ur world? You really have no idea do you? About the world, the real world. Where do u live huh? Out in the vally in some million $ house? I come from a good family & the only one in that family who made the big mistakes! It was all bcuz of one thing...that small opiate pill that I first didn't get from the street but from another type of "drug dealer"...the Doctor!! I had never even heard of a percocet before that & this Doctor never once said hey these pills are HIGHLY addictive so be careful. I woulda told him give my a non narcotic instead! But that didn't happen & I became a drug addict who eventually had to steal so I didn't get sick from not having the pills & went to jail! This is a VERY common story in jail so do you believe all the bulls**t you said... about me? About anyone else with that story? The person I'm on this site looking for? Same story with him...my best friend! If so...Well you are a really ignorant & stupid person. I'm not blaming anyone but myself for my mistakes but the system simply doesn't give a damn & neither does Cynthia Turner!

  22. Angry mom Thu, Aug 01 2013 9:07 AM

    You guys are picking on Cynthia but I agree that the larger volume of inmate of violent crimes who knew what they r doing should get nothing! There is a prick in there who molested my daughter for 6 yrs and shouldn't get anything except the crap kicked out of him. If u were in these shoes w ur kid u would feel the same way. He doesn't deserve the air we breathe!

  23. Sad Mom Sun, Aug 18 2013 2:17 PM

    People are in prison for a reason. They made a mistake, became an addict, and did not receive the help they needed, hurt someone, killed a person, rape or molestation. My son stole from us, damaged our home, because of a Heroin addiction. My husband a retired Correctional Officer and I decided the only way to save him, was to have him arrested. He is now in Camp Hill, in a program for drug addiction. If we as humans treat our fellow human beings with such disregard and ill feeling, are we any better than the ones serving time. I'm sorry for the man who molested your child, and I would be angry too. But you can't put everyone serving time as evil individuals. Inmates deserve to contact their loved ones and family, and have some contact with the outside. If people are treated like animals, they will start to act like animals. Think before you all speak with your hateful thoughts. Educate, and have compassion. Forgive!!

  24. cyiworkbus Mon, Oct 14 2013 6:27 PM

    I did five years straight I went to graterford then camphill in blues. very bad place then my home jail. if you have a crime against the police or a crime against a child you might be in for a wild ride. my crime was against the police agg. assault with serious bodily injury. on two cops. please remember this is only my experience. I had three different home jails my first home jail was sci. Greensburg and my unit manager said I was a monster and they kicked my out of that jail. I was sent back to camphill in browns I stayed there for a short time and was transferred out to sci greene super max. champhill is bad and greene was worse. I got 7 more years of parole and hope I can walk it off. I was treated very bad because of my charge but you have too keep your head up no matter what. the guards ran in my cell and beat my ass all I could do I fight back I would never win but that was not the point. I did what I did and I cant change that but do you think I should lay down and take that. please don't post until you do some real research on the subject. most people in prison are inmates very few are convicts. if you don't know what that means don't ask. I'm a convict and this is how I did my time. don't touch me and respect me and we will get along ok.

  25. PhillyGuy Wed, Dec 18 2013 10:00 PM

    I was spent 6 months at CampHill in blues and it is by and far the worst environment that I have ever been exposed to. I was sent up state on misdemeanor marijuana charges, violated my county probation and was given a state sentence with boot camp. When I first got there I was asked by the classification counselor who I pissed off because they never had a misdemeanor state sentence. So they put me on J block and my first cellie was a a 50 year old doing a 10-20 for rape of a child under 13. I asked repeatedly to be moved and after 3 days I got my chance. It came with a catch tho, the guards and the block sgt told me I had to stomp out my cellie to get moved. Done. Moved. So it went for 3 months, stomping out child molesters for the guards. I got thrown in the hole, the worst place in all off any PA prisons, the Mohawk. This place was just fucked in every way. I ended up getting out in 10 days as I was in under investigation along with 11 other guys from my block for assault on a baby raper. I wasn't involved with this particular incident but I was dragged in as someone dropped my name. I ended up having to do 2 more months in ad seg until I agreed to make a statement against the guards who were involved. Basically they made me testify or I wasn't going to boot camp. I can honestly say I didn't want to, I was no rat but when faced with the option of staying in CampHill or going to Boot Camp and going home I choose the latter. I can say with all certantity that if u find yourself in CampHill and you have sex charges you stand a good chance of getting hurt and you more than not deserve it. I did my time, walked of my paper with no violations, and now live a good free life. I will never ever forget hitting that gate coming out of the reception building, that's the day I became a convict.

  26. Paul Nepa of Lackawanna Fri, Feb 28 2014 5:17 PM

    I like how you can have any and all open relationships with the inmates in there, while your an inmate yourself... Love them bad boys :)

  27. LISA BOWMAN OF NORRISTOWN PA Thu, Mar 13 2014 9:41 PM


  28. MAC Mon, Mar 17 2014 8:38 AM

    I really respect the people here who support the ones they love and care for who are down. I was released this month on the 6th after doing four years for what I felt was protecting my family. everyone makes mistakes and when someone is ignorant that fact, it makes everyone around them just as ignorant. please don't judge a book by its cover. not everyone agrees on everything and that is human nature. but think about what you say before you do. we have feelings just like those on the outside. that cage is something that no one could fathom without being inside. to all my friends still inside the gate, keep your head up. someone, somewhere is thinking about you. stay strong. -----MAC

  29. crimearyver Tue, Apr 01 2014 1:14 PM

    My children's molester was just convicted and shipped off to SCI Camp Hill. He took a plea so he's in for at least 14 years. I had a friend who worked for a county jail and said the CO's will beat up the sex offenders or have other inmates do it. Is this true? Will he be placed in AU? Any info would be greatly appreciated!

  30. Kristina Packer of Coburn pa Sun, Jun 15 2014 4:25 PM

    My husband has been in camp hill for 2 years all because when he was doing his tc at the halfway house he went to hospital for a migraine on a cold day and having had a broken neck and broken back they come quite often he was given permission to go to hospital and see if he could get something for it the guard said yes but failed to tell him he needed to take paperwork back from hospital if he received any narcotics so he did not when he got back to halfway house that same guard piss tested him cuffed him and sent him back to camp hill because he did not have a note from hospital stating they gave him a shot of morphine this is a man who was one month away from coming home to his wife and kids do they really think he wanted to go back there he was not even given a chance to go back to hospital and get the dam paper wtf is wrong with this system? So please put yourself in the shoes of these inmates families who really don't deserve to be there give them a chance.I hope it is someday your son or daughter grandchild niece or nephew whatever oh thats right some of you sound like the family member that would just write that person off and act like you don't them how pathetic just sad.

  31. Bette Paslat Sat, Feb 07 2015 6:01 PM

    My son who is 31 will be going to state prison soon,he was sentenced to 18 to 36,he wasn't sentence yet,what is the best advice to give he been in county jail sine 11/08/2014. How much time will he do on 18 to 36 sentence and will his county time cout

  32. Mandie Wed, Jul 08 2015 7:54 PM

    Yes county time dose cout

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