Harrison County Detention Center - IWC remote inmate video visits

Harrison County Detention Center - IWC - Remote Video Visitation with your Inmate

Harrison County Detention Center - IWC uses the services of jailfunds.com (VendEngine) for you to schedule and visit your inmate via remote video visitation.

You can ‘video visit’ your inmate one of three ways:

  • Visit from your home computer.
  • Visit from the JailFunds VendEngine Kiosk in the jail lobby.
  • Visit by using the JailFunds iphone or Android app

Go here to Schedule a Visit  (You must be logged in to schedule a visit).

What is the cost to do remote video visitation?
Paid Remote Visits
Having a remote visit from your Home or app, the cost of each 20-25 minute ‘friends and family remote visit’ will be approximately $7.95 plus tax.
FREE Remote Visits
Visitors can also choose to come to the jail and video chat with an inmate via the JailFunds/VendEngine kiosk in the lobby. The video visit on-site at the jail is FREE.

You can deposit money four different ways:

  • Deposit online at jailfunds.com.
  • Deposit at the kiosk in the jail lobby.
  • Deposit over the phone 24/7 at 855-836-3364
  • Deposit through their iOS or Android app.

Attorney Visits only!  < (Lawyers, go here)

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