Hampton City Jail emailing an inmate

Hampton City Jail - Emailing an Inmate

Securus Technologies and Hampton City Jail may allow family and friends to send messages to incarcerated individuals by using an app that works like email.

All messages (and attachments) must first be cleared by by jail staff after checking for pornographic or gang related content.

Because Hampton City Jail contracts with Securus for their inmate phone service, they either already or may soon allow Securus eMessaging for their inmates.

Check to see if eMessaging is now available in your inmate's facility by clicking the emessaging image below:


It is recommended that you download the Securus app to use eMessaging. You can find it in your Google Play or Apple app store.

Things you can do with Securus eMessaging by buying 'Digital Stamps' from Securus:

- Send a text Message - Cost = 1 stamp

- Purchase a reply for your inmate - Cost = 1 stamp

- Attach up to 5 photos - Cost = 1 stamp each photo

- Share up to 5 eCards - Cost = 1 stamp each eCard

- Send just a photo with no text - Cost = 1 stamp

- Send a 30 second VideoGram - Cost = 3 stamps


Things your inmate can do using eMessaging:

- Reply to your eMessage if you attach a return stamp

- Receive transferred stamps you share with them (no cost to transfer)

- When available, they can purchase their own stamps from their Inmate Debit Account


How it works:

- You must have a Securus Account and be logged in

- Messages are sent and received from the Securus Website or your Securus Mobile App

- You must first purchase a book of stamps through Securus.

The cost of each stamp is subject to change and differs from facility to facility.

Once you select your inmate's name in the app, the stamp price will be shown.

*WARNING* Everything you write or any attachments that you send will be seen by authorities in your inmate's facility and will be stored on their servers indefinitely. 

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