What Is A Sealed Indictment?

A sealed indictment is when a Grand Jury decides there is enough probable cause to try a person for a felony. While many indictments are made part of the public record, a sealed indictment is kept secret until specific conditions have been met. Typically, one of those conditions is that a person has been taken into custody. The process for a sealed indictment is the same as for a public… Read more


What is a District Attorney?

The District Attorney and his office represents the government, the county and the state or a commonwealth in prosecuting criminal offenses.  They are an elected or appointed official in the different counties and districts of the United States, and work for the victim.  He is the highest official in the legal department of the prosecuting office of the district they represent, and involved in the investigation of alleged crimes in… Read more

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Is a Criminal Defense Lawyer Really Necessary?

If you found the Jail Exchange Prison and County Inmate search website you most likely have some legal questions you need answered. We hope this brief bit of information will help you understand the importance of talking to a criminal defense lawyer the moment you find out you are either under investigation or have been arrested..

States have created laws, sometimes… Read more