Drug & Alcohol Addiction Help

Bio-chemical treatment for Alcohol Addiction

One method of treatment for alcoholism is the bio-chemical method. While other recovery paths concentrate on powerlessness over addictions and the acceptance of a higher power, the bio-chemical treatment places importance on stabilizing the brain’s chemistry.

It has long been known that certain brain chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin and endorphins impact the way we think. In most cases, an increase in these… Read more

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Help

How Do America’s Drug Courts Work

According to NPC Research, the purpose of drug courts or drug treatment courts is to guide offenders who have been identified as drug-addicted away from incarceration and into a treatment program resulting in a reduction of drug dependence and improve the quality of life for the offender and their families. This intervention should also reduce prison inmate count and the substantial burden on the criminal court system.

The drug… Read more