Inmate & Family Issues

Does a life sentence always last a whole life?

It surprises people to discover that a life sentence does not always mean the offender will spend the rest of his days in a prison. Often times, a life sentence means you will have to serve a lot of time, but at some point, you will be eligible to apply for parole.

Each state determines how its life sentences will be structured. For example, Tennessee life sentences typically mean… Read more


Can I Move my Probation / Parole to Another State?

A court can give you permission to temporarily leave state to work or to visit a gravely ill family member, but to move out of state, to leave for more than 45 days, you must apply for an Interstate Compact Transfer through your probation department. If you apply successfully, your probation will be transferred to the new state for supervision. The sending state, however, retains the right to call you… Read more