Inmate & Family Issues

Should Children Visit Parents in Jails and Prisons?

Children think in very literal terms. Rules are to be obeyed and if you don’t obey them you are being bad. When a parent goes to jail, the child not only has to accept the fact that the parent made a really bad choice, but they also have to comprehend that the parent has been removed from the child’s daily life.

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Inmate & Family Issues

Families and Incarceration: My kids don’t want to visit dad in prison because it takes up their whole day. What can I do to change their minds?

When your husband first went to prison, the kids and you devoted every weekend to seeing him and nobody wanted it any other way. Lately, the kids have gotten busy and don’t want to take time out to see him. You can help the situation:

Remind them: Without laying on the guilt, review with them how important their visits are to their dad. Bring up a time or two… Read more


A Parent is incarcerated. Can kids visit dads in jail?

When your husband was first arrested you were busy trying to figure out what was going on, but now the children are asking to go see him. It is a personal choice whether or not to take kids to a jail for a visit. If you decide they need to see their dad, the following tips can help it go smoothly.

  • Layered clothing: The visitation areas of the

Your Incarcerated Loved One is a Sex Offender

Society does not like sex offenders, but you love someone who was convicted as one. This puts you in an awkward position sometimes. Whether your loved one did it or not is now irrelevant when it comes to society’s attitudes. A conviction is all that matters. The following tips will help you navigate life while loving a sex offender.

Be cautious with mail: Unless your loved one gives you… Read more

Contacting Inmates

Will the Jail or Prison Workers Read The Letters I Send?

Being separated from someone you love because he or she is incarcerated is difficult. Because all calls from prisons and jails are recorded, you are hesitant to talk about anything personal or intimate on the phone. Instead, you turn to letters. Pouring your heart out in a letter feels almost like the inmate is sitting right there with you. It is easy to forget that the letter will pass through… Read more

Inmate Visitation

What If I Can’t Visit an Inmate As Much as I Would Like To?

When someone you love is sent to jail or prison, your instinct is to visit them at every visiting opportunity. The reality in many cases is that it can’t be done. Inmates get moved from prison to prison sometimes. You have children, a job, and social obligations. How do you balance supporting your loved one with visits, while still keeping things together outside?

Visit when you can. Whether you… Read more

Inmate & Family Issues

What Do I Say When People Ask if They’re in Prison?

It was difficult enough to face that fact that your loved one was going to jail or prison but with time you accepted it. It can still be awkward when others ask where he or she is. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Good people make bad choices. And it isn’t you who is incarcerated, but that still doesn’t make it easy when the question comes up.