What are the Penalties for Probation Violations?

A probation violation conviction can mean being sent to jail or prison, but there are alternative penalties that can be used instead, including:

Revocation and reinstatement: The judge and the probation officer can agree to revoke your probation for the violation and immediately reinstate you on new probation.

Increased supervision: Your probation rules might get stricter and now include things like more frequent reporting, house arrest or wearing… Read more


Probation Violations and How to Avoid Them

Obviously, if you are on probation and catch a new charge, you will be violated, but you might be surprised to discover what non-criminal events can also cause a violation to be filed. Some examples:

Failed drug test: Failing a drug test is not a crime, unless you are on probation. Then it is called a “technical violation” and you can have your probation revoked over it and go… Read more


My Husband Flunked His Probation Drug Test. What Happens Now?

In short he’s got a problem. He didn’t get arrested and charged with a new crime, but he violated the rules of probation by ingesting an illegal substance.  This technical violation isn’t usually viewed by probation or the courts to be as bad as getting new charges, but it is still a violation and can cause your husband’s probation to be revoked.

Right after failing: There are two types… Read more


Probation: Will I go to Jail for working during Curfew? How can I support my family this way?

You’ve done really well on probation. You pass your drug tests, you’ve completed your classes, and you are current on your fees, but now you have a problem. A company offered you a job, but the required hours are in violation of the curfew your probation officer gave you. The judge didn’t impose it, so do you have to obey? Yes, but there are things you can do to try… Read more


What Is A Hold In Jail Or Prison?

If your loved one is in jail or prison and has a hold placed, it means another jurisdiction wants him or her brought there before being released for any reason. Typically, the guards or jail administrators will let an inmate know as soon as a hold comes through the system. In some cases it falls through the cracks and notification is only minutes before the inmate is set to walk… Read more