Probation Home Visit: What is it?

You have been on probation for a while and never had the probation officer show up at your house requesting entry, but it will likely happen soon. Even if you have done nothing wrong, this can be nerve-wracking. There are several reasons for a home visit and various things happens during one.

Reasons for the visit:

Routine: In some counties, routine home visits are required. The probation officer… Read more

Federal Prison Inmates

Can I Visit My Loved One In Jail If I Am On Probation?

The first step to visiting someone in jail or prison while you are on probation is to discuss it with your probation officer. If you are on felony probation, you were probably told that you are not allowed to associate with any known felons. Obviously, someone in prison is a felon; therefore, you will need special permission to visit that person. When it comes to visiting a misdemeanor offender, or… Read more