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Texas Department of Criminal Justice - Prisons & Inmate Search

Texas maintains their own state prison system; 64 facilities which consist of every security level; maximum, medium, and minimum.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice is where offenders are sent that have been convicted of felony crimes of murder, rape, assault, serious thefts and drug related offenses. These are offenses of at least one year, and all the way up to life imprisonment. Texas also has a death row with almost 200 murderers at any one time, waiting to be executed.

Go here for full instructions on using the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Inmate Search, as well as for the Bureau of Prisons inmates and ICE detainees

The Texas Juvenile Justice Department oversees 17 detention centers, 4 halfway houses, and other prevention programs for juvenile offenders who have been convicted of crimes and sentenced to detention, or are awaiting their court dates.

To search for an inmate or juvenile offender, or learn how to communicate with an inmate in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice or Juvenile Justice Department, start by choosing from the list of facilities below.

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