Kodiak City Jail Emailing An Inmate

Kodiak City Jail

217 Lower Mill Bay Road
Kodiak, AK 99615



Kodiak City Jail Announces Major Inmate Email and Text Policy - January 4, 2023

Due to the ability of third party companies providing a secure environment for Kodiak City Jail inmates and their contacts outside the facility to communicate digitally, this facility will now (or soon) be providing the ability for digital messaging.

Secure digital messaging allows for a delay between the emails of the inmate and their friends and family, so that the jail can scan the communication for illegal or other communications against their policies.

Note that all messages, both sent and received, will be saved and will be referred to in the inmate's existing or future criminal charges. 

Complete instructions on how to sign up for this service for the Kodiak City Jail, and how it works can be found below. Call 907-486-8000 if you have any questions.