Harris County Juvenile Justice Center Inmate Phone & Email

Harris County Juvenile Justice Center Inmate Phone Use

The information below provides complete instructions regarding Harris County Juvenile Justice Center inmate phone use, how the jail phone system works, purchasing phone time online (where available), purchasing phone time over the phone online (where available), purchasing phone credits through commissary (where available) and setting up an account to reduce your cost of inmate phone calls from the Harris County County Jail in Baytown, Texas.

When available, the information below will explain how to communicate with your inmate using the jail's secure email message system.

Follow these instructions exactly to help ensure that your inmate has access to the jail phones and your communication costs are reduced as much as possible.

How Does An Inmate Make A Phone Call From Harris County Juvenile Justice Center?

Residents at Harris County Juvenile Justice Center are only allowed to call their parents. The facility has each parent’s phone number in the resident file and a staff member dials the number for the resident.

Important Tips About Jail Phone Calls

If you were unable to find the information you were looking for on this page, call Harris County Juvenile Justice Center at 713-222-4100 and ask their policies on getting phone calls from your inmate.

Calls out of the facility are prohibited.

Click here to view the jail website for additional information.