FCI Pekin - Satellite Prison Camp visit-an-inmate

FCI Pekin - Satellite Prison Camp Inmate Visitation Information and Schedule

Step 1 - The Application

Inmates are given copies of an application to visit when they arrive at their assigned facility. These are sent out to people the inmate wishes to receive visits from.

Inmates are allowed to have the following on their visitor's list:
 - Spouse
 - Children
 - Mother, Father, Brothers, Sisters
 - Step and Foster Parents
 - Up to ten friends and associates - These include clergy, civic groups, employers, sponsors, parole advisors, attorneys and foreign officials from the consulate or embassy.

The inmate will mail each of these people a copy of the Visitor's Information Sheet to fill out and return.

Step 2 - The Visit

An inmate gets at least four hours of visiting time per month, but can sometimes get more if there is room to do so.

The FCI Pekin - Satellite Prison Camp has visits on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays; and at least one other day during the week. Weekends are the most popular time to visit so FCI Pekin - Satellite Prison Camp may choose to limit visits to either Saturday or Sunday, based on the last name of your inmate. They will let you know.

Dress appropriately; professional, non revealing and non-gangster.  Dress as if you are visiting someone's grandmother for the first time and you should be OK.

These are the VISITATION SCHEDULES for FCI Pekin - Satellite Prison Camp and all of the other facilities in the BOP.

The visitor will return the completed form to the inmate and they will submit it. It takes a few weeks to get approved. If you are not approved, your inmate will let you know.

For new inmates who want a visit from immediate family, who can be verified by the information contained in the inmate's Pre-Sentence Report, they may be allowed to visit. However, if there is little or no information available about a person, visiting may be denied. Always call the prison ahead of time at 309-346-8588 to ensure your visit will be allowed.

What to Bring - How to Behave

Arrive for your visit with your photo ID, your car key, and some change for vending machines in a clear plastic purse.... nothing else.

If you have an infant, there will be guidelines on things you can bring into the visit... such as a clear bottle, blanket, etc.

You are allowed a handshake, or a brief kiss and a hug at the beginning and at the end of the visit.