FCI Loretto inmate-tablet-rental

FCI Loretto now offers Keefe Score 7 Tablets to their inmates.

The tablets can be purchased from their commissary, and while not directly connected to the internet, the inmates can use them for the following activities:

  • Phone Calls - Inmates may make calls directly from their tablet allowing for more privacy. The rates are the same as the phones in the unit, and the calls are still recorded and monitored.
  • eMessaging - Communicate via a text based message or picture. Fee based system.
  • Education - Free educational platform and course catalog that provides thousands of educational resources.
  • Self Help -Inmates have daily access to mental health and addiction recovery programming.
  • Music - Top-40, Hip-Hop, Country, Rock, Gospel, and more.
  • Law Library -  Legal research with up-to-date case information.
  • eBooks - Thousands of available titles.
  • Movies - Hundreds of titles.
  • Religion - Religious resources for spiritual guidance.
  • Games - Inmates can play their favorite games. Available through monthly subscriptions
  • Facility Services - Digital access to submitted forms, requests, facility documents, and notifications from staff.

The tablet will contain more than two dozen personal growth and reeentry tutorials, over 51,000 public-domain digital books, free preloaded game, over 7,000 instructional videos in 2,000 categories covering a broad range of common-core subjects and provide a foundation for high school equivalency testing, free FM radio and access to music purchase or subscription plans, and access to over 200 movies for rental.

The Android tablets will enable inmates to communicate with family and friends using fee-based text, photo and videogram messaging.

Questions? Call 814-472-4140 or contact BOP staff at 202-307-2712 between 8:00AM and 4:30PM ET.