Children's Ark Pueblo Family & Friends Information

Renting a Tablet at the Children's Ark Pueblo

Children's Ark Pueblo either allows, or may soon be allowing inmates access to tablets to use for the services provided by GTL (aka Viapath Technologies)

Follow the instructions below to get a tablet for your inmate at Children's Ark Pueblo

The devices are similar to common handheld tablets, but are made exclusively by GTL and Viapath.
Tablets offer specialized content and services for inmates to use during their stay at Children's Ark Pueblo, such as:

  • Music
  • Books
  • Games
  • Education
  • News
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Read mail and messages
  • Video visits

Free services are already available for use on the device at Children's Ark Pueblo.
Subscription services are funded separately by family and friends with deposits made into an inmate’s Debit Link account.
Children's Ark Pueblo Inmates will then be able to purchase subscription services and premium content to enjoy.

What It Costs
Tablet devices include some services and the content is free.
The subscription services require additional funding.
There may be multiple options such as 7-day or 30-day subscriptions.
Costs are dependent upon the available services and what the Children's Ark Pueblo charges.

To estimate costs for tablets and other services such as phone calls, sign in to your account and click “Rate & Fees Calculator” in the footer (bottom of the page).