Wells Conservation Camp Inmate Visitation

Wells Conservation Camp Inmate Visitation Information & Schedules

Step 1 - Applying to Visit

Anyone wishing to visit an inmate must first complete and mail in an Inmate Visiting Application, but it must come from the prison.  

It works like this:

An inmate requesting to receive a visit must first submit an Inmate’s Application for Visiting Privileges. This is required for each individual the inmate is requesting to include on their respective authorized visitor list, with a maximum number of five. The exception to the maximum of five is if there are copies of certified birth certificates demonstrating that the inmate has more than five (5) biological children.

The visiting room officer will then complete the top portion of the Inmate Visiting Application form, initial, date, and mail the form to the prospective visitor(s). \

The Inmate’s Application for Visiting Privileges will be filed by the visiting room officer, awaiting return of the Inmate Visiting Application.

After completing it, you must mail it directly to the facility you wish to visit.  The mailing addresses for each of the facilities are linked to on this page.

After the visitor is approved or disapproved, the inmate will be sent a response stating the visitor(s) name and disposition of the request.

A letter of approval will also be sent to the prospective visitor’s address, along with a copy of the Nevada DOC Visiting Rules and Regulations. In addition, the prospective visitor will be referred to the NDOC website for information regarding the visiting schedule of the approved institution.

Step 2 - The Visit

READ AND UNDERSTAND ALL OF THE RULES, REGULATIONS AND DRESS CODES prior to the visit. They can be found on pages 4-22 of this document.

Contact the Visitation Room Officer at 775-478-5120 at least 24 hours in advance to confirm the visit.

Visitors must present proof of identification, i.e., State or federally issued I.D., Driver’s License, Passport, or Consular I.D. and other vital information needed upon request of institution officials before being permitted to receive a visit. 

Identification of minors less than 16 years of age may be established with a certified copy of their birth certificate, which will be kept in the Visiting File.

No person who has been convicted of a felony in any state will be allowed to visit unless prior written approval is received from the Deputy Director.