Odom Correctional Institution Family & Friends Information

Odom Correctional Institution Inmate Visitation Information and Schedules

Inmates must obtain blank application forms from the facility. A maximum of 18 applications will be allowed per offender.

Inmates must mail the blank applications to those persons from whom they wish to receive a visit while incarcerated.

Fully completed applications must be returned to the prison facility (FROM THE VISITOR ONLY) where the offender is currently housed. Prison mailing addresses can be found on the prison facility webpages.

Call 252-534-5611 for current visitation schedule.

Each applicant age 16 and older, must choose one of the approved picture IDs and attach a copy to the application.

 - Driver license ID and state-issued ID's must be issued by any state Division of Motor Vehicles. (Minors under age 16 must have a copy of their birth certificate attached to the application.)

It is the inmate's responsibility to notify the visitor of their application status.

Under normal circumstances, inmates will be allowed no more than one visiting session per week not to exceed two hours. This does not include legal, law enforcement, or clergy visits.

The normal maximum number of visitors per visit will not exceed three approved visitors.

All visitors must pass through, and clear, a metal detector search.

All Visitors must dress in a non-seductive and professional manner. Dress as though you are visiting someone's grandmother for the first time.

Inmates validated as Security Threat Group Level 2 will be allowed contact visits with approved immediate family members.

Inmates validated as Level 3 will be allowed non-contact visits with approved immediate family members.

Inmates validated as Security Threat Level 2 or 3 will not be allowed visits with individuals who are not immediate family members.