Ridgeland Correctional Institution Family & Friends Information

Ridgeland Correctional Institution Inmate Visitation and Schedules

How do I apply for visiting privileges?

If the inmate wants you to visit, they will send you a Form 19-127, "Request for Visiting Privileges." Only inmates are authorized to provide an application.

FULLY complete the Form and return it by mail to: 
Division of Visitation and Inmate Drug Testing
P. O. Box 212969
Columbia, SC 29221 

If you do not provide all requested information, the form will be rejected. If the "Request for Visiting Privileges" cannot be processed because it is incomplete or because you have provided an incorrect inmate name or inmate number (the identification number assigned to the inmate by the South Carolina Department of Corrections), it will be returned to you, if the address on the form is complete.

A parent, legal guardian, or other adult may assist a child in completing the form; however, only a parent or legal guardian will be permitted to sign this form.

The inmate is responsible for notifying visitors once they have been approved.

The only minors who will be considered for inclusion on an inmate's approved visiting list are the inmate's brothers and sisters, the inmate's children (including adopted), stepchildren, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and step-grandchildren; as shown on the inmate's relative list which will be verified by certified long-form birth certificates (Attach a copy to application). A parent or legal guardian must assist the child in completing the "Request for Visiting Privileges." A parent or legal guardian must sign this form, and a parent, legal guardian, or authorized adult must accompany the child during the entire visit.


The Visit

Read and understand all the rules, regulations and dress codes on this page.

All visits must be scheduled through the GTL scheduling tool, and visitors must be on the inmate’s approved SCDC visitation list.

Follow these directions after logging in to GTL.

Click here to schedule a visit.

Each inmate in the SC Department of Corrections is allowed to have a maximum of 15 approved visitors on his/her visiting list.  

What can you bring into the visit?

For those visitors bringing authorized infants and small children, no more than five diapers, three baby bottles (or two sipper cups for toddlers, must be clear), and three jars of sealed baby food in a clear plastic bag. (Baby wipes/towelettes may be brought in by visitors provided they are brought in a clear plastic bag. Infant/baby carriers will be allowed but will be subject to search prior to entry into the institution. (Visitors will be required to remove the infant from the carrier for this purpose.)

You can also bring one small clear wallet or change purse, one set of keys and your ID.

Ridgeland Correctional Institution offers Video Visitation for Inmates using the Services of GTL, aka ViaPath Techologies

In order to schedule and then visit an inmate using GTL you need to first register with GTL.

Next Steps:

  • Register yourself and all visitors.
  • Select Ridgeland Correctional Institution
  • Select your inmate.
  • Schedule your preferred time for the visit.

For at-home video visits: Sign in to the visitation scheduling site 15 minutes prior to your scheduled visit. Test your connection, and follow the steps to start your visit.
For on-site video visits: Arrive at the facility at least 15 minutes prior to check-in. A valid photo ID is required. 

All your questions can be answered after you register, at the Frequently Asked Questions page, or call 855-208-7349 during the following hours:
6AM – 4PM MST Monday – Friday, or 
7AM – 4PM MST Saturday – Sunday

Costs for Visits are subject to change but generally run less than $10.00 for a 30 minute visit.
Payment can be made with Visa, Mastercard debit, credit or gift cards.