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Schedule a Video Visit with an Inmate at the Behavioral Care Center - Remotely or at the Jail

The Behavioral Care Center believes in the importance of their inmates having an opportunity to have visits from family and friends. When an inmate is released he or she needs to return home, and closeness to their family is one of the strongest reasons that keeps them from getting in trouble again.

One way that Behavioral Care Center is able to accomplish this is with Securus remote video visitation. Remote visiting allows loved ones to use their phone or computer to connect directly with their inmate via a video kiosk in the jail or using tablets, all in a joint effort between the facility and Securus.

The benefits of video visitation are:

  • It keeps inmates happy.
  • Allows the inmates to stay in touch with friends, family and children.
  • It saves on staff time, thus money.
  • Allows the jail to partake in a revenue share.
  • Keeps viruses from spreading.
  • Keeps contraband from entering the facility.

For more information on Securus video visits and video messages, call the facility at 615-862-8200 or scroll down for a complete section of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

Behavioral Care Center - Remote Video Visitation with your Inmate

Behavioral Care Center uses Securus Video Connect for Remote Inmate Video Visitation. 

Video Visitation allows 'approved' friends, family members, attorneys and clergy of an inmate to connect with them using their computer, Securus Video Visitation app, or ‘on-site’ kiosk. 

Register and/or log in.
Select the facility of your inmate.
Review the days, available hours and the cost of remote and on-site visits.
Schedule your visit.

What is the Cost of a Remote Video Visit?
Costs vary and are subject to change, but generally visits range from $5.00 to $15.00 for a 15 to 30 minute online or on-site video visit.

How do you know if your Inmate will be available during the time you schedule?
The Securus system knows the times that Behavioral Care Center inmates are available for remote video visits.
It will not allow you to schedule a visit with your inmate if they are not available or the video visitation kiosk(s) in the jail are booked already.
Once you schedule a visit with your inmate they will be notified of the date and time of the visit.

Important Tips:
Your entire visit is being monitored and recorded. Do not say or do anything that you would not want being replayed in court.
You should schedule your visit, in advance, at a time that works best for you.
For best sound quality, use earbuds or headsets.

Quick & Easy Access to Important Information & Help:
Phone: 972-734-1111 or 877-578-3658
Video Tutorial on Registering for Securus Video Visits.
Frequently Asked Questions.
Behavioral Care Center Pricing.
Securus Contact Information.
iphone app
Android app

Behavioral Care Center REMOTE (at home) VIDEO VISITATION SCHEDULE

Schedule Video Visits online with Securus

  • All visits must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Visitation Schedule subject to change.
  • Visits are 20 minutes, and cost $5.00.
SUNDAY 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
7:30 PM - 9:50 PM
MONDAY 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
7:30 PM - 9:50 PM
TUESDAY 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
7:30 PM - 9:50 PM
WEDNESDAY 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
7:30 PM - 9:50 PM
THURSDAY 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
7:30 PM - 9:50 PM
FRIDAY 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
7:30 PM - 9:50 PM
SATURDAY 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
7:30 PM - 9:50 PM


Remote Video Visiting an Inmate who is in the Behavioral Care Center

What is a video visit?

Video visitation, also known as remote visitation, is quickly becoming the preferred method for visiting an inmate in jail or prison for the following reasons:

•    It requires little to no staff, versus the staff required to move inmates to and from the visit and watch over the visit. It saves the Behavioral Care Center money.
•    It removes any opportunity for contraband (drugs) to enter the facility.
•    It can become a profit center for the facility, given that the revenue generated by visits is shared with the jail.
•    While inmates prefer to see family and friends in person, video visitation allows them to visit with them more often, and on a whim.
•    Video visitation gives the inmates and their visitors the feeling of more privacy.

Video visitation from the perspective of the visitor allows them to visit from their home, their car, at work, and even allows them to take their device to a family or religious gathering. It allows them to give their inmate the feeling of belonging and not being forgotten.

Video visitation can take place on a computer, a tablet or a phone. 

Video visitation saves time. Instead of spending hours driving to the jail, checking in, filling out paperwork, potentially being searched, waiting, and then having a 15–30-minute visit, if it isn’t cancelled at the last minute, the visit can be done from anywhere during a short break in the visitor’s day.

If the visitor does not have access to a phone or computer, they can make an appointment ahead of time and use terminals in the lobby of the jail.

You must also be on the inmate's approved list, even for a video visit.

What are the companies that work with the jails and prisons that allow video visits?

There are several different companies that contract with all the jails and prisons that allow video visitation:

These are the companies in alphabetical order:

City Tele Coin
Correct Solutions Group
Correct Pay
IC Solutions
Inmate Canteen
Inmate Sales
Gettingintouch (netvisit)
Prodigy Sales
Smart Communications
Tiger Services
In addition, some jails use Microsoft Meeting and Zoom.

Behavioral Care Center Inmate Mail Policies, Procedures & Regulations

Personal Mail - All mail sent to an inmate is opened and then scanned into a digital format that the inmate can read on a kiosk screen or a tablet. Inmate's will not receive the originals.

Legal Mail - All legal mail is opened and the attorney's office is then contacted by phone or email to confirm legitimacy. Any inmate or sender that impersonates legal mail will be criminally charged. No exceptions.

The Behavioral Care Center allows inmates to receive pre-metered postcards like the type purchased from the post office. They may also allow certain photo postcards as long as they have not been tampered with or contain images that may be considered to be obscene or violent in nature. The postcard will be scanned and inmate will receive a digital copy to read on a kiosk screen or a tablet. The original will be destroyed.

The Behavioral Care Center allows envelopes to be mailed to inmates. The postcard will be scanned and inmate will receive a digital copy to read on a kiosk screen or a tablet. The original will be destroyed.

Postcards and Envelopes are to be mailed to:
Inmate's Full Name & Inmate's Control Number (OCA#)
Nashville / Davidson County Sheriff’s Office
PO Box 196383
Nashville, TN 37219-6383

Money Orders

You may mail an inmate a Money Order for their Commissary. 
Mail to:
5543 Edmondson Pike
Ste 888
Nashville, TN 37211

  • Money orders cannot exceed $300.00 or they will be returned.
  • Money orders require 7-10 business days for processing to the individual’s account.
  • Money orders will be assessed a maintenance fee that will be deducted from the total amount. 

Money orders must include:
Behavioral Care Center
Full name of the inmate

Inmate's Control Number & Facility ID number

  • Money orders not containing this information will be returned to the sender.
  • No personal checks or items that are not official money orders from USPS, Western Union or Money Gram.
  • Any items received outside of these requirements will be returned to the sender.
  • If your inmate is released before a money order is received and applied to their account, the money order will be returned to the sender.

Local or national newspapers are not allowed to mailed to inmates.

Magazines are not allowed to be mailed to inmates.

Books are not allowed to be mailed in to inmates.

Care packages
Care Packages are not allowed to mailed to inmates.


How to Schedule and Visit an Inmate in Behavioral Care Center

To schedule and set up a visit, either at-the-jail or remotely from your home, follow these instructions:

  • Register and/or log in.
  • Select Behavioral Care Center, then your inmate.
  • Review the days, available hours and the cost of remote and on-site visits in Davidson County.
  • Schedule your visit.

To get more complete instructions, and understand visit lengths, times, locations, fees and all the other rules including children, dress codes and more, check out or Visit Inmate Page.
NOTE: All visits are recorded and whatever you say and do will be monitored. It is best to never discuss sensitive information regarding your inmate's pending case.


How an Inmate Makes a Phone Call to You or Others from Behavioral Care Center

To set up a phone account so that your inmate can call you from Davidson County do the following:

1. Enroll in an account with Securus Technologies.

2. Choose one of three account types, Securus Debit, Advance Connect or Direct Bill.
3. Choose [facility_name_1}, then connect with your inmate.
4. If you have any questions, call Securus: 972-734-1111 or 800-844-6591.

To find out fees, how to's, calling times, limits on phone calls and other systems Securus has do that you can communicate with your Davidson County inmate, check out our Inmate Phone Page.
NOTE: All of your inmate's phone calls are recorded and stored. It is advised not to discuss their pending case.


How to Rent a Tablet for an Inmate in Behavioral Care Center

To rent a tablet for an inmate in Davidson County follow these instructions:

  • Register here.  It is recommended you use Chrome or Firefox.
  • Pay for the subscription using Paypal.
  • You get charged the 1st of each month. 
  • You get charged a full month even if it's only used for a partial month.
  • No activation or early termination fees.
  • Your Davidson County inmate will recieve their tablet in 3-5 business days, after you pay.

If you have any questions:

For all Davidson County information on Tablet Rentals for your inmate, check out our Tablet Rental Page.


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