Collingsworth County Jail Inmate Mail

Collingsworth County Jail Inmate Mail

When mailing a letter or postcard to an inmate, please address your mail as follows:

Inmate's First and Last Name
810 Belton
Wellington, TX 79095

All mail sent to an inmate at the Collingsworth County Jail must include the sender's name and mailing address in the top left corner of the envelope or postcard.

Failure to include your return address will most likely result in your mail NOT being delivered and your letter destroyed.

Main Phone: 806-447-2588

The information below provides complete instructions regarding:

  • Collingsworth County Jail Inmate Mail Policies,
  • Mail Instructions,
  • What type of mail is NOT allowed,
  • Rules for Mailing Letters and Photos and Postcards
  • Emailing an inmate,
  • Policies for Sending Magazines, Newspapers, Books and Packages to Collingsworth County Jail in Wellington, Texas.

Follow these instructions exactly to help ensure that your inmate receives his/her mail and not have it thrown away.

The Collingsworth County Jail has a zero-tolerance policy regarding mail violations.

Type of Mail Allowed for Collingsworth County Jail


The Collingsworth County Jail allows inmates to receive pre-metered postcards like the type purchased from the post office. They may also allow certain photo postcards as long as they have not been tampered with or contain images that may be considered to be obscene or violent in nature.


The Collingsworth County Jail may also allow regular postcards and envelopes to be mailed to inmates as well, however more and more jails are no longer allowing envelopes due to concern about paper being dipped into liquefied drugs like methamphetamines and cocaine and then mailed into secure facilities.

To confirm that the Collingsworth County Jail still allows letters in envelopes call 806-447-2588 or view the Inmate Mail Instructions by going here.


Local or national newspapers may also be mailed to the inmate as long as they are mailed directly from the newspaper publisher.


News, special interest or sports magazines may also be mailed to an inmate as long as they are shipped directly from the publisher. Any magazines that contain profanity, weapons, pornography or other content that is adult in nature will be confiscated by the jail staff and will NOT be delivered to the inmate.


Most jails allow books to be mailed directly to the jail from a reputable source such as or You can order them directly from your computer and have them shipped to the inmate at the address above.

Books must NOT contain images or content that are considered excessively violent, pornographic or obscene. Any book that does not meet the Collingsworth County Jail standards will be disposed of.

Hard cover books will not be accepted by the jail due to their potential to be used as a weapon.

To confirm that the Collingsworth County Jail continues to allow books to be mailed by a third party publisher or bookseller, call 806-447-2588.

Care packages

Care packages are pre-chosen items packaged together and sent to the inmate from a third-party vendor. They can include clothing, snacks and seasonal items.

When a jail allows the inmate to receive Care Packages they must come directly from an approved company that specializes in serving the inmates of jails.

Call 806-447-2588 or click here or here to see if the Collingsworth County Jail participates in a Care Package program and if so, how to purchase one.

Emailing an Inmate - Securus

Securus Technologies and Collingsworth County Jail may allow family and friends to send messages to incarcerated individuals by using an app that works like email.

All messages (and attachments) must first be cleared by by jail staff after checking for pornographic or gang related content.

Because Collingsworth County Jail contracts with Securus for their inmate phone service, they either already or may soon allow Securus eMessaging for their inmates.

Check to see if eMessaging is now available in your inmate's facility by clicking the emessaging image below:


It is recommended that you download the Securus app to use eMessaging. You can find it in your Google Play or Apple app store.

Things you can do with Securus eMessaging by buying 'Digital Stamps' from Securus:

- Send a text Message - Cost = 1 stamp

- Purchase a reply for your inmate - Cost = 1 stamp

- Attach up to 5 photos - Cost = 1 stamp each photo

- Share up to 5 eCards - Cost = 1 stamp each eCard

- Send just a photo with no text - Cost = 1 stamp

- Send a 30 second VideoGram - Cost = 3 stamps


Things your inmate can do using eMessaging:

- Reply to your eMessage if you attach a return stamp

- Receive transferred stamps you share with them (no cost to transfer)

- When available, they can purchase their own stamps from their Inmate Debit Account


How it works:

- You must have a Securus Account and be logged in

- Messages are sent and received from the Securus Website or your Securus Mobile App

- You must first purchase a book of stamps through Securus.

The cost of each stamp is subject to change and differs from facility to facility.

Once you select your inmate's name in the app, the stamp price will be shown.


*WARNING* Everything you write or any attachments that you send will be seen by authorities in your inmate's facility and will be stored on their servers indefinitely. 

How to address your Inmate's Postcard or Envelope

Inmate's First and Last Name
810 Belton
Wellington, TX 79095

All mail sent to an inmate at the Collingsworth County Jail must include the senders name and mailing address in the top left corner of the envelope or postcard.

Failure to include your return address will most likely result in your mail NOT being delivered and discarded.

To confirm the mailing address and/or any new policies regarding inmate mail call 806-447-2588 or check the most recent updates on the jail's website by going here.

Mailed Items NOT Allowed

If your inmate is mailed anything other than a letter, postcard or greeting card it won't get through.

However as stated above, because of the increased smuggling of drugs, more and more jails are only allowing pre-stamped or metered, solid color or white postcards to be received by inmates.

Examples of prohibited items include:

Stamps and stickers.

Musical greeting cards.

Altered mail such as perfumed or lipstick covered.

Paper with any type of stains such as grease.

News clippings.

Crayon, felt tip or hand painted drawings.

Call 806-447-2588 or click here for a complete list of prohibited items.


Photos should not exceed 4 inches high x 6 inches wide.

Send no more than five photos at one time.

Polaroid Photos are prohibited.

Photos of weapons are prohibited.

Photos of drugs, the consuming of drugs or alcohol is prohibited.

Photos of lewd behavior or people exhibiting too much skin is prohibited.

Call 806-447-2588 or check the most recent policies regarding inmate photos on the jail's website by going here.

Important Mail Tips

Mail is always scanned and inspected for contraband, obscenity and other rule infractions.

Assume that everything you write will be read by jail staff and can and will be used against you or your inmate in court.  

Never write anything about the inmate's court case you wouldn't want read aloud in court.

Mail is considered by the jail to be a privilege. Any violations of the mail policies can result in the inmate's mail privileges being suspended.

The introduction of contraband by you into the jail through the mail could result in criminal charges being filed against both you and the inmate.

Click here to view contact information for the Collingsworth County Jail.