Stone County Correctional Facility Family & Friends Information

Stone County Correctional Facility Inmate Visitation Information

Step 1 - Application Process

Each inmate is allowed to fill out a visitation list with ten (10) visitors, and can be updated once a year.

Immediate family members remain on the list permanently unless removed by the inmate.

If you are NOT an immediate family member, after one year your name must be renewed or it is removed automatically.

If you are NOT on the list, you can't visit.

All visitors must have filled out a Visitation Application and have been approved.  The application is mailed to everyone on the inmate's list of visitors.  It is the only way to get one.

Step 2 - Once Approved You Can Visit

Once approved, study and understand the rules, guidelines and dress code for visits.  Failure to follow them may result in suspension of the visit.

It is up to the inmate to notify you of the VISITATION SCHEDULE for Stone County Correctional Facility

Visitors will be allowed to visit one (1) inmate only, unless they are related (immediate family) to another inmate.

Visitors who claim they are immediate family have to provide proof.

Visitors who claim to be the spouse of an inmate must provide a copy of their marriage license, as well as the location where the marriage took place (state, county, city); name of the church, courthouse, etc., where they got married.

If you are on probation or parole, you can only visit if you are immediate family, and the warden must approve it.

No more than five (5) persons (including babies/children) will be permitted to visit an inmate at one time.

All visitors age of eighteen (18) and above must have valid picture identification with them, such as a driver’s license, state ID, or passport.

Children under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

All visitors 16 years of age or older must have a picture ID and be on the inmate's approved list each visit. The teen's ID must have a date of birth on it.

All children under 15 must have a birth certificate proving their age.

Visitors with infants may have one (1) diaper bag with up to four (4) diapers, two (2) bottles, one (1) change of baby clothes a, one (1) pacifier and diaper wipes in a zip lock bag and any necessary medication for the infant.