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Kettering City Jail Photos

Below are 'street photos' (provided to us by users of this website) of the Kettering City Jail from different perspectives.

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Montgomery County Bail Bond Information

Because Montgomery County and Ohio can change their bail bond procedures, it is always best to call either the Kettering City Jail at 937-296-2555, or the court in the jurisdiction (i.e. Municipal Court, District Court, etc.) where the offender was charged, and do this right after an arrestee has been booked. 

Ask the staff at the Kettering City Jail or the Montgomery County Court Clerk these specific questions:

  1. Is the defendant eligible for bail or a bond?
  2. How much will the bail or bond be, and what are the additional fees?
  3. Where do I go to pay it?
  4. Are there any days or times of the day or night when I cannot post bail?
  5. What types of payment are allowed? Cash? Money order? Credit card? What types of credit cards? Property or other collateral? Surety bonds?
  6. Do I have to use a bail or bond agent?

If you feel the bail is too high and you wish to get it reduced, contact a lawyer or the defendant's public defender and get them to look into what they can do to get a bail reduction. The sooner you get working on this the quicker you will get your loved one released. 

This entire process will go smoother and faster with a criminal attorney or bail agent handling it for you.


Tablets Rentals Offer Great Solutions for Inmates at the Kettering City Jail

How can you rent a tablet for an inmate in Montgomery County? Read the following:

Tablets can be used by inmates, for the following things:

  • Phone Calls
  • Messages (email / texts)
  • Educational applications and Entertainment
  • Legal Research
  • and much more!

Contact Paytel online, or call the Kettering City Jail directly at 937-296-2555 to rent a tablet for your inmate.

To find out everything you need to know about renting a tablet, what it can be used for, how much it costs, and more, check out our Tablet Page for Kettering City Jail.


How Do Inmates in Kettering City Jail Make Phone Calls?

To receive phone calls from inmates in Montgomery County, or to assist them in making phone calls to other people, follow these steps:

For all the information regarding phone calls with Montgomery County inmates; rules, policies, phone calling times, costs, limits, tablet rental and more visit our Inmate Phone Page.


How to Send a Secure Email Message to an Inmate in Montgomery County

To send a secure email message to an inmate in Kettering City Jail follow these steps:

How inteleMESSAGE Works

  • The Kettering City Jail inmate must contact you first in order to activate messaging for your account.
  • Once an inmate has messaged you, you are then able to visit the Pay Tel website, log in, read and respond to his or her messages. 
  • When you log in and follow the inteleMESSAGE™ link, you will be asked if you want to accept messages from your Montgomery County inmate. If you accept, you will then be able to read any inmate message that has been sent to you.

For all information on rates, and how to Text/Email an Inmate in Kettering City Jail check out our Secure Messaging Guide for Montgomery County.


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