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Can Inmates Use Social Media In Jail and Prison?

Ever think about how social media is shaping the world behind bars? Yes, even inmates get their slice of the digital pie. Picturing it feels odd, right? But here's a twist - this isn't just about selfies and hashtags. For inmates, it's a lifel... Read more

Inmate Demographics: A Closer Look at Age and Offense Trends

There are always some key metrics and indicators that reveal the health, success, or lack experienced by a community. Incarceration rates and the nature of crimes committed are high on the list of importance. Areas like Crowley County, Colorado, ... Read more

Demographic Trends in County Jails: A Comparative Analysis

All forms of imprisonment are not the same. Federal penitentiaries are the highest form of imprisonment and are often due to the harshest crimes. Many other offenders get sent to county jails throughout the country. In the United States, the inca... Read more

Navigating Arrest: Communication and Information for Inmates and Loved Ones

Staying in connection with loved ones is critically important for inmates for the sake of their mental health and receiving information about their cases. Being incarcerated in jail or prison can take its toll on an inmate's spirit, and having commu... Read more

Inmate Visitation: How To Visit Your Loved One While They Are In Jail

Visiting your loved one in jail is an important way to stay connected. For inmates, a visit is a much-needed connection with their life outside of jail and can be a great motivator through the difficulties of incarceration. However, if you're lookin... Read more

Personal Effects: What Types of Things Are Inmates Allowed To Have While They Are In Jail?

For inmates, having a few creature comforts can make surviving jail easier and more comfortable. However, there are strict rules about what personal effects inmates can have during their stay in jail. For those who are new to the system, you may be ... Read more

The Guide to Inmate Canteens: What Types of Things Are Inmates Allowed to Purchase?

Jails are required by law to provide necessary items, like food, clothing, and running water. However, these are only basic items necessary to live. If an inmate would like anything extra, like stamps, a toothbrush, or additional food, they'll need ... Read more

Higher Education: What Type of Education Is Available to Inmates While They Are In Jail?

Why are educational opportunities important within jails and prisons? There are many benefits of introducing educational classes into jail, including lower recidivism rates. For inmates who are reentering society after incarceration, one of the most... Read more