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Supporting Families: Communication and Visitation Options

Did you know communicating with and visiting an inmate in jail or prison might do more than just help keep their spirits high during their time behind bars? It could also increase the chances of them turning their life around once they get out. O... Read more

Is Your Prisoner Mugshot Available to the Public in AZ?

Arizona is drowning in crime. The violent crime rate in Arizona jumped by 8.6% between 2019 and 2020.  The high rates are prompting the police to make as many arrests as possible. This means that thousands of innocent people may have prisone... Read more

Should Children Visit Incarcerated Parents? How Can They Make a Visit?

America has an epidemic of parents in prison. Prisoners have nearly 1.5 million minor children, and nearly half of all prisoners are parents. Incarceration can make the bond between parents and children tenuous. But there are ways a child can vis... Read more

He Expected Probation, Instead He Went to Jail.

My name is Jonathan. I thought I was going to get probation. Everyone I knew got probation for the same charge, but when I was called in front of the judge, he sentenced me to 30 days in jail. I was handcuffed, taken into custody in front of everyone... Read more

How to Survive Prison

Most people know the importance of working out and staying physically fit to survive prison, but mental strength and attitude play a huge role in getting through incarceration. Expand Your Skills If the prison offers classes, sign up for some. ... Read more

The First Few Days of Life after Imprisonment

Society has an expectation that once an inmate is set free he or she can just jump right back into life, but that isn’t the way it works. The best way to get back into normal life after incarceration is to take a few baby steps the first few days. ... Read more

Pregnant and Imprisoned

My name is Ashley. My probation officer violated me and had me sent to jail for three months. I was four months pregnant at the time. When I got to the jail, I told them I was pregnant, and they had me see a nurse practitioner right away who set up a... Read more

Checking In To Prison - Aaron’s Story

When the judge sentenced me to six months in the county jail, my first thought was about my family. Without me there to work and pay the bills, my wife and kids would lose the apartment. My attorney spoke up right away and asked the judge to allow me... Read more