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Cellphones in Prison: What Happens If You’re Caught?

Your boyfriend got caught with a cell phone in prison. Prisons come down harshly in most of these cases. What happens will depend on several factors including: How it was used: You can be sure the minute they found him with a cell phone that they ... Read more

Qualify for SSI or SSDI While You’re Still Incarcerated

If you believe you’ll qualify for Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Income and you are incarcerated, there is no legal reason you cannot apply. These are five steps to take in the process. Notify jail/prison administrators... Read more

Inmate Visitation: 4 Things Not To Do During a Prison Visit

You finally get to visit your husband who is in prison. It is lots of nerves and preparation but well worth the trouble. Avoid the following four things so that you don’t get yourself or your husband in trouble. Bringing in contraband. Not only d... Read more

My Boyfriend is being Paroled from Prison to a Halfway House - What is a Halfway House?

The parole board granted your boyfriend parole but said he has to spend the first six months in a halfway house. This is a common method used to transition an inmate back into society.  He will have rules to follow these ruses and will be supervised ... Read more

Prison Visits: How can I make visiting my husband in prison less expensive?

Visiting prison is leaving you broke. Between the cost of gas to get there and back, the motel so you can see him on both days, food, snacks while visiting and time off from work to go, you aren’t sure you can keep it up. Have you tried these methods... Read more

Families and Incarceration: My kids don’t want to visit dad in prison because it takes up their whole day. What can I do to change their minds?

When your husband first went to prison, the kids and you devoted every weekend to seeing him and nobody wanted it any other way. Lately, the kids have gotten busy and don’t want to take time out to see him. You can help the situation: Remind them:... Read more

What happens if my boyfriend gets caught with drugs in jail?

There is a common misconception that jails are drug free. They aren’t. Depending on the jail, there may be fewer drugs inside than there are out on the street, but just like the street, drugs are fact of life in jail. This is important for you to kno... Read more

Inmate Prescription Medications: How do I get the doctor to keep prescribing my meds while I’m in jail?

If you take maintenance prescription medications, you should know that while the jail is legally responsible to see to your medical needs, it does not have to provide the exact same medications as you are used to taking. Jails hand out the cheapest t... Read more