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You Need To Know The Information Of A Criminal Arrest Record

Sixty-five million Americans have a criminal record. One of those people could be your roommate, teacher, coworker, pastor, romantic interest or friend. Don't you want to know if the person you hang out with on the weekend, plan to hire at your compa... Read more

Identity Theft Prevention

Every three seconds, someone in the United States falls victim to identity theft. The Javelin Strategy and Research group reported in its 2013 Identity Fraud Report, that $21 billion was stolen through identity theft in America during 2012. Criminals... Read more

How The Information In A Criminal Arrest Record Can Protect Your Kids

Who are the most influential people in your children's lives? Your list may include family members, teachers, coaches, clergy and daycare providers. You entrust these people with your kids, but do they have a criminal arrest record?You would be surpr... Read more

Top 3 Craigslist Ad Scams That Require A Background Check

Ads on Craigslist aren't all they're cracked up to be. They can be written and posted by anyone, including scam artists. Don't worry, though, because background checks can protect you from three types of fraudulent Craigslist ads.1. Ticket AdsConcert... Read more

Understand What Free Criminal Background Checks Means

Everyone has been trying to convince you to do the free criminal background check on yourself. Yet you never considered it before, or would know where to find the information.If you never been in trouble with the law, you should perform a criminal ba... Read more

How To Protect Your Family From Internet Criminals

Your child has a new "friend" she met on the internet "Mom, can you drop me off at the mall after school today?" Your fifteen-year-old daughter queries. You reply, "Maybe, what are you going to do at the mall?" Your daughter says, "I'm going to meet... Read more

Creative Plans To Rid Your Neighborhood Of Sexual Predators

Your Very Neighborhood Could Have Prolific Numbers Of Sex Offenders Living ThereYour next-door neighbors' twelve-year-old is missing for two days, the whole neighborhood has a frenzied fugue and the police had an overwhelming list of over 100 sexual ... Read more

Top 25 Reasons To Perform Background Checks On Your Neighbors When They Blame You For Problems

You can choose your friends but you can't choose your family. This saying also holds true with the types of neighbors who move in next door. You can't choose who the next person will be. You merely hope for the best and pray the neighbor acts relativ... Read more