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Investigate Your Partner's Relationship History With A Background Check

When seeing someone new, it's smart to do a little sleuthing before getting too involved. After all, anyone can sound nice on an online dating profile but hide an unsavory past. Especially if there are children involved, running a background check on... Read more

Background Checks, Worth The Cost? Part 1

In many business and social sectors, background checks are a common practice for acceptance into their ranks. It has become an established way to try to minimize the liability of hiring or even befriending a new person in this Internet Age. Today we... Read more

Background Checks, Worth The Cost? Part 2

When considering the cost of a background check the issue is larger than just the price of the service. The Internet Age is transforming us as a society. The personal privacy that was cherished in the 20th Century is now being dissolved away by the s... Read more

Background Checks Can Be A Positive Reputation Builder As Well

The most common use for background checks is to determine if there is anything questionable or bad about a person. However, these reviews can also be beneficial in establishing a person's good profile, history and reputation as well, particularly whe... Read more

Why You Should Know Your Acquaintances Better Than They Know You

Background checks don't have to be limited to the employment world or for renting an apartment. In fact, background checks can be an easy, proactive method to protect yourself, your family, and your life from those who would take advantage of your si... Read more

The Dumb Things People Say Can Work To Your Advantage

Many people have a predictable, general habit that, when nervous, they make statements that give away potential secrets. No one normally has access to a polygraph test or psychic readers, but they're not necessary either. In fact, all that a business... Read more

Top Reasons To Perform A Background Check On Your Friends

Well, it is fun to laugh and share Facebook memes about how real friends would spend money to bail you out of jail or sit in the jail cell with you after a wild night. Yet, in reality, nobody really wants to be placed in such a situation by a friend... Read more

What Are The Five Things That You Can't Find Out On A Background Check?

Background checks are becoming incredibly common today, with some companies offering complete background checks at very low fees.If you've had some minor indiscretions in the past, you may be worried about what will show up on your background check. ... Read more