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Life After Prison: Tips for a Smooth Re-Entry Process

Life after prison can be beautiful. Five million formerly incarcerated people live in the United States. They come from all backgrounds, and many of them live full and productive lives.  Yet life after prison can have plenty of difficulties.... Read more

Incarceration and the Cycle of Recidivism

I had an interesting conversation with my cousin who was recently released from incarceration. This was his second prison term and he says that this time he plans to stay home. I was curious as to how it must feel to be released from incarceration an... Read more

Stiffer Surveillance of Violent Offenders On Parole in DC

Muriel Bowser, the Mayor of Washington, DC, is in the process of laying out plans to stop what is said to be a spike in crime in the District of Columbia. The Mayor and at least two City Council Members have called for implementing policies that will... Read more

Sex Offenders Get a Bad Rap, But Are They All Criminals?

Prison reform and reentry seem to be the hottest topics these days. Some people believe that criminal justice concerns are the civil rights issue of the new millennium. There are countless advocates, activists and practitioners working on behalf of t... Read more

Searching for Employment After Incarceration

esterday I met with a woman who is looking for a job after incarceration. She explained to me that she was arrested for assaulting her husband who was abusing her. She served three years in prison for defending herself when she could no longer take t... Read more

Free Her Conference

Recently I participated in the Free Her Conference: Gender Responsive Criminal Justice Reform in Boston, Massachusetts at Harvard University Law School. It was a mindboggling experience, organized by Families for Justice as Healing. Women from all ov... Read more

President Obama Visits a Federal Prison

We are all well aware of the complex dilemma America faces as the nation with the largest prison population. I’m pleased to know that the nation is taking a serious look at reforming the criminal justice system. In July of 2015, President Obama pa... Read more

Visiting Loved Ones in Prison

This month I was privileged to help facilitated a visitation trip to FCC Hazelton. The Federal Correctional Complex Hazelton has three facilities that house maximum security men, medium security men and medium security women. Over 70 family members b... Read more