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Using Commissary to Improve a Workout Diet

Prison food is notoriously bad. Not only does it lack decent flavor, it also contains very few nutrients, minerals and other valuable resources for your body. If someone you know is working out in prison, they are going to want to supplement the pris... Read more

Can a Terminally Ill Inmate Get Pardoned?

It is devastating to learn that someone you love has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. When that person is an inmate, the thought of him dying alone instead of surrounded by family can be very hard to handle. Fortunately, depending on the se... Read more

Parole Home Visit Before His Release from Prison

Your friend is up for parole soon and you want to be sure he can parole to your house. Typically before an inmate can be granted parole, he must have a home plan in place, and that plan must be approved by the local parole office. There are several t... Read more

Three Good Reasons to Workout in Prison

Prison is not for the faint at heart. To succeed at doing time, inmates need to develop coping mechanisms such as not showing fear, maintaining health, and passing time. A regular workout routine can help in all of these areas 1. Maintaining Healt... Read more

Family Relationships and Prison: His Family Drives me Crazy, Do I Need to Stay in Contact With Them While He Is in Prison?

Take all the in-law jokes in the world and put them together, and they can’t match the tension that can occur between a wife and her in-laws while her husband is in prison. But it will be comforting to him if you make the effort to get along with the... Read more

Using a Deck of Playing Cards to Work Out in Prison

Two of the most popular past times in prison are exercising and playing cards. Combining them is a fun way to pass the time while staying in shape. Pass this along to someone you know in prison. This is something they can do by themselves, but ... Read more

What to Do When You Are Pregnant and Going to Jail or Prison

If you are pregnant and have been sentenced to do time in a county jail or a prison, there are some things you should do to insure the best care for you and your child during the pregnancy and also after the baby is born. Bring your paperwork to t... Read more

Six Things to Mail to Your Guy in Jail

If you find yourself running out of things to write to your husband about in prison, try some of these fun mail ideas. Co-author a love story. You start by writing one page and send it to him. He writes a page then sends it back to you. It won’t ... Read more