Henderson County Detention Center in Kentucky – Visiting, Searching, Contacting an Inmate

Henderson County Detention Center in Kentucky – Visiting, Searching, Contacting an Inmate

The Henderson County Detention Center's mission is to provide a safe and secure facility for all inmates and staff utilizing both Federal and State Regulations & Guidelines for compliance of discipline, law & order while preserving all inmate's rights due to incarceration. The Henderson County Detention Center currently operates as a Class-D facility with a 543 bed capacity.

Visiting an Inmate in the Henderson County Detention Center in Kentucky

Writing letters is a great way to keep in touch with a loved one currently serving time, but the Henderson County Detention Center also allows visits from those in the outside world. However, due to the fact that this is a detention center, there are many rules and guidelines that need to be followed rigidly. This way, the staff's jobs are made easier, the inmate will continue to receive visiting privileges and you will be able to come back whenever you can to visit. Visitors must arrive 15 minutes early to the facility in order to be considered for a visit. There they will be prompted to sign in and give an emergency contact number, as well as show a valid form of ID. However, only a set of car keys and the ID are allowed to enter the visitation area of the jail; no cameras, purses, cell phones, or anything else is allowed in; save your camera battery and room for when your family member gets released! Also, please dress appropriately. Anyone deemed inappropriately dressed will be asked to leave. Leave the halter tops and short shorts in the closet. ... continue here  

How to use the Inmate Search for Henderson County Detention Center in Kentucky

Henderson County sits on the more northwestern area of Kentucky, and it borders Indiana to the north just over the Ohio River. Formed in 1799, it is relatively small in population, with around 44,000 making up its population. As much as Henderson County is a beautiful place, it does see its share of crime. If you live in or near Henderson County, you may have a member of your family or a friend in the county's detention center. If you need to look them up, however, it's very easy to do that. All you have to do to look up an inmate is go to this website, and click on the Inmate Search link on the left hand side of the screen. Once you click on it, you are transported to the Henderson County Detention Center's current roster of inmates. It has all of the inmates listed alphabetically across 13 pages, but there is also a search key if you have your sights on anyone in particular. It's fairly easy to navigate. Keep in mind that it is last name first, so just be sure to look at the last name while looking for your inmate. ... continue here  

Communicating with an Inmate Housed at the Henderson County Detention Center in Kentucky

The Henderson County Detention Center allows inmates to contact their loved ones outside of the jail through writing letters. The jailer will make exceptions when the security of the place is clearly in question, but otherwise writing a letter to an inmate should not be a problem, and Henderson County recognizes this as a personal right so long as the security practices of the jail are kept in order. ... continue here