Harris County - The 1307 Jail in Texas – Visiting, Searching, Contacting an Inmate

Harris County - The 1307 Jail in Texas – Visiting, Searching, Contacting an Inmate

The Harris County Sheriff's Office is the largest sheriff's office in Texas and the third largest in the United States. Our more than 4,000 employees are committed to the safety of the nearly 4 million residents who call Harris County home. Harris County is a burgeoning and vast metropolitan area - home to one of the most culturally rich cities in the nation. Our size and diversity present constant challenges to our men and women of law enforcement, committed to creating and maintaining a secure community. That is why a partnership between our organization and you, the residents of Harris County, is critical in the fight against crime. Help us help you.

Visiting an Inmate in the Harris County - The 1307 Jail in Texas

Probably the first thing you need to know when it comes time to visit someone in the Harris County - 1307 Jail is follow the rules. Rules and specific guidelines are set up for very good reasons. The safety of all inmates, staff members, and visitors relies on the fact that everyone will follow the rules. If at any time the rules are infringed upon (broken), there is the risk that visitation privileges can be revoked and/or charges filed. Since this is such an important privilege for both the inmate and the family, it is critical to be sure everyone sticks to the rules and guidelines as they are laid out. ... continue here

How to use the Inmate Search for Harris County - The 1307 Jail in Texas

We try to make finding an inmate at Harris County -The 1307 Jail just as easy as possible. On our front page by clicking on this link. Here you will find a category on the top left that holds the Inmate Search links. There are various ways to look for someone. We'll help explain the requirements to try and make it a little easier for you. You'll notice under the heading of Inmate Search that there are several blue links you can click on. Whether you want to search by list or search; or maybe you are searching for a recently arrested or released inmate you can do that here. Also, you can find a county inmate that's under the mobile classification. Finally, there is a link to VINELINK. ... continue here

Communicating with an Inmate Housed at the Harris County - The 1307 Jail in Texas

When someone you love or care about has been arrested, it can be a difficult time. There are many questions and things you don't understand. And then there's a lot to learn. We will try to explain how to contact an inmate via telephone and mail when they are housed in Harris County - The 1307 Jail. These are the only two means of contact other than visitation. There are no contact visits and there is no email. ... continue here