Is Rehab Necessary? Alternatives For Quitting Drugs

Is Rehab Necessary? Alternatives For Quitting Drugs

You've taken that last hit or drink and you know that it's time to stop this dangerous habit. But quitting on your own is so incredibly difficult -- and rehabilitation is so incredibly expensive. Is there any middle ground for a recovering addict on a budget? Believe it or not, it is possible to end substance abuse without going inpatient. It may take greater effort on your part in the early days of recovery, but the resulting sobriety will taste all the sweeter.

Invest in Outpatient Services

You don't have to lock yourself in an inpatient facility in order to quit using drugs or drinking. Outpatient centers are staffed with professionals every bit as adept as those found in the fancier rehabilitation programs. Even better, they are far more likely to be covered through your insurance provider. You may still need to put some money down on co-pays, but recovery is definitely worth the investment. WebMDsuggests choosing an outpatient program that emphasizes one-on-one therapy, as this is the key to long-term sobriety. You will also be able to choose between intensive outpatient programs, in which you spend the entire day working on your recovery, or more standard outpatient setups that involve weekly or bi-weekly visits to a therapist, plus possible group therapy.

Join an Anonymous Group

Alcoholics anonymous, narcotics name it, there's an associated anonymous group dedicated to the recovery effort. As in outpatient programs, these groups provide essential support for those struggling to get sober. Here, however, a prescribed twelve steps program is followed. In this program, participants are asked to acknowledge a higher power of some sort and admit that they are not in control. Group members may also be assigned to other participants so that, when a relapse seems likely, they have an easy source of comfort and support. This could also potentially be a great source of new friendships, allowing you to leave behind the bad influences capable of drawing you back into your old ways.

Whether you've struggled with alcohol, illicit substances, or both, you can only stand to benefit from working hard at the recovery process. That could mean rehabilitation, an anonymous group of outpatient services. All three are valid approaches and all three are worth your time.