What is N-Bomb and How Can It Hurt Me?

What is N-Bomb and How Can It Hurt Me?

N-Bomb users are told it is a legal alternative to LSD, but it is not legal in several states and authorities report that it is the most powerful and potentially lethal synthetic drug seen in decades. Several teens and young adults have died from the effects of N-Bomb.
  • The biggest danger with N-Bomb is that you don’t really know what is in each dose. It is not manufactured in a controlled setting such as a medical lab. 

    Dealers market the drug as synthetic Cocaine, Ecstasy, LSD or Mescaline, but the reality is you have no way of knowing exactly what chemicals or drugs were involved in making it.
  • The drug was banned in the USA in 2012 but continues to make its way through the black market drug culture. Amateur garage chemists keep trying different chemicals to make the drug. This dangerous practice is causing users to die, often the first time it is tried.

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  • N-Bomb is ingested as a powder, a liquid, or it’s taken on a small piece of blotter paper that is placed under the tongue.
  • Also known as Smiles, 25-i or 251-NBOMe, this drug has never had a medical purpose. Its only function is as a designer drug used to achieve a high.
Some people believe they are purchasing LSD (due to it being on blotter paper) but are in fact buying N-Bomb.
  • Negative side effects include: seizures, paranoia, confusion, inability to communicate and in some cases, death.
  • Those who have survived overdose have sometimes ended up with severe illnesses such as kidney failure and schizophrenia.
  • Several states have already classified N-Bomb as a controlled substance. Possession, sale, or manufacturing of the drug can land you in prison.
Final thoughts: N-Bomb has similar effects as bath salts. You can quickly become out of control and ultimately harm yourself or somebody else. Related: N-Bomb Hits the Streets