Why Yoga Works for Sobriety

Why Yoga Works for Sobriety

According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence using yoga not only aids alcoholics and addicts in getting clean and sober but can also be a valuable tool to maintaining that healthy lifestyle. 

Some experts believe that one out of every three Americans has some type of addiction, whether it be to drugs, eating, alcohol, sex, or gambling. Addiction doesn't only impact the addict but can also lead to the destruction of the family due to the chaos it brings. 

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An addiction typically leads to a loss of control over daily life. Yoga can help bring that control back and help the addict in his or her resolve to stay clean. 

Treatment centers across the nation continue to recognize the benefit of yoga in recovery. Because it focuses on the centering and balance of the body and mind, it works hand-in-hand with the principles of maintaining a sober life. 

Most addictions are also tied to emotional or psychological pain. Yoga focuses on learning to relax completely and reflect internally on coping effectively, reacting calmly and understanding how to stay on that path.

As the addict becomes more experienced in practicing yoga, it builds confidence in handling stress-filled situations. Most addicts turn to their drug or drink of choice when times get rough. 

Yoga provides a healthy alternative that combines physical balance with mental strength so that the addict can approach stress without the need to get high or drunk. 

Final thoughts: Whether the addict is newly sober or has been in recovery for years, yoga can provide strength and support to continue on that path. Local community centers, schools and civic groups often offer yoga classes to those who wish to learn. 

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