Can You Visit Someone in County Jail?

Can You Visit Someone in County Jail?

When someone you care about is incarcerated, you'll want to do your best to help them in any way possible. One of the best ways to help a loved one in county jail is to keep their spirits high. Visitation allows an inmate to see a friendly face and know they have your support through this stressful time.

A lot of people wonder: Can you visit someone in county jail? The answer is yes–you can visit someone incarcerated in county jail, though you'll need to follow the rules and schedules of the particular facility. 

You'll have a couple of different options for visitation, including in-person visits and online video conferencing. We'll dive deeper into both of these options and explain why you should choose to frequently visit a loved one who is being held in a county jail. 

Why Visit Someone in County Jail?

County jails are typically for short stays. A person may find themselves in county jail while they wait for their trial or while they wait to make bail. A defendant may also serve short sentences determined by a judge, usually for misdemeanors. While county jail is not usually long-term, inmates may find themselves spending a month or more at the facility. When that happens, they'll need to find ways to stay optimistic and in good mental health. 

Visiting someone while they are incarcerated in county jail is a good thing to do. It may not seem like much, but while in jail, an inmate faces boredom, monotony, and stress. Having visitors show up for them is encouraging and also fun for them.  

Video Conferencing

Can you visit someone in county jail through video conferencing? Yes, you can choose to video chat with someone in county jail. You don't need to make a physical trip into the facility in order to have a visitation with them. However, you'll still need to follow all of the rules the facility has in place. Generally for county jails, the rules for video chatting with visitors are similar to in-person visits, such as:

  • You may have to schedule a video interview in advance.
  • Staff members at the jail review visitor requests, approving or denying possible visitors.
  • Inmates may only be allowed a certain number of video conferences per day or per week.
  • Inmates may only have approved visitors present for the video conference.
  • Inmates may not have video conferences during jailtime scheduled events, like meals or headcount. 

Each county jail has various rules, regulations, and video conferencing methods. The rules and schedules of each specific county jail will vary, so you should be sure to check out the jail's website in advance. Some jails allow for long video conferences, while others may only permit a few minutes. However, usually, video conferences last between 15 and 20 minutes. 

It's important to realize that video conferencing with an inmate at a county jail will cost money. Although not an expensive amount, you should still remember to budget for it, especially if you plan to make frequent calls. It may even be cheaper than visiting in person, as you won't need to pay for transportation or take hours out of your day. 

In-person Visits

Can you visit someone in county jail in-person? Depending on the jail, the answer is usually yes. However, In-person visits typically require more coordination and safety measures, so you'll often require much more rules around these types of visits compared to virtual meetings. For in-person visits, you'll have to be approved and scheduled for your visit to the county jail. Those who are on parole will not be allowed visitation. However, family and friends can visit during the scheduled visitation times. 

Each county jail has different rules regarding in-person visitation. But you can expect quite a few rules to ensure the safety and security of everyone involved, such as:

  • You may not bring contraband into the prison, like cigarettes, alcohol, or weapons.
  • You have to follow a strict dress code, so nothing revealing or clothes with gang affiliations. 
  • You'll need to go through security and follow all instructions and rules.
  • You may be able to bring your children with you for a visit, but you'll need to keep a close eye on them.
  • You can bring personal items to the visit, such as a purse, backpack, or phone. 
  • You have to be 18 years old and present a valid ID.

Jail staff generally doesn't allow excessive touching between inmates and visitors at in-person meetings. Even in so-called contact visits where there is no physical barrier, you should refrain from excessive touching. You should be sure to follow all rules related to touching an inmate to avoid any issues. 

Visit lengths may vary based on the specific jail. Also, visits may get cut short if there are any inmate or staffing issues. You should prepare yourself for the full time but understand you may not get as much time as you would like to have.

Finding the Correct Information to Visit an Inmate

County jail rules and schedules are important to follow, as they ensure you get to spend the time you want with an inmate. Not following the rules or ignoring information will not end in productive visits. If you want to make sure you get visitation time, you'll need to look up the right facility online. Our city and county search engine makes it easy to find the right facility's information so you'll be able to submit a request for visitation. 

Can you visit someone in county jail? The answer is yes. You should visit someone you care about in jail. They could use your support during this stressful time, and visitation can help improve their spirits. You can choose to do video conferencing or in-person visitation, depending on your preferences. However, no matter which option you choose, you'll need to follow the rules of the particular jail you are visiting. For more information related to visitation, you can use our search engine to find the right county jail.