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Queens Detention Complex
126-01 82nd Street
Kew Gardens, NY 11415

To locate or find information about an inmate in the Queens Detention Complex, call the jail at 718-575-5387 or look them up on the official Inmate Search Jail Roster for both Queens Detention Complex and all of the New York City Department of Correction, including Rikers Island inmates and inmates housed in the various borough jails linked below.

If you need to address a specific issue with an inmate, are filing a complaint or greivance on behalf of an inmate in custody, then please provide all relevant information i.e. inmate name, booking & case number, the facility they are housed and a full description of the issue.

Below are links to all the jails in New York City. 

Each linked page below has all the information you need to understand the NYC DOC inmate phone system, depositing money for commissary or bail, visitation rules and hours, the scheduling of a visit, directions to each jail, and more.

Rikers Island - Anna M. Kross Center (AMKC)    
Rikers Island - Eric M. Taylor Center (EMTC)    
Rikers Island - George Motchan Detention Center (GMDC)    
Rikers Island - George R. Vierno Center (GRVC)    
Rikers Island - North Infirmary Command (NIC)    
Rikers Island - Robert N. Davoren Complex (RNDC)    
Rikers Island - Rose M. Singer Center (RMSC)    
Rikers Island - West Facility (WF)    
Bellevue Hospital Prison Ward (BHPW)    
Brooklyn Detention Complex (BKDC)    
Elmhurst Hospital Prison Ward (EHPW)    
Queens Detention Complex (QDC)    
Vernon C. Bain Center (VCBC)    

For information on any of the inmate services such as inmate visitation, receiving phone calls, sending an inmate a letter, a text, an email, money, commissary or anything else for Queens Detention Complex, click on any of the green 'inmate services' buttons above.


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About the Queens Detention Complex

The Queens Detention Complex, located in Kew Gardens, New York is a medium to maximum-security facility.

Every year this facility has 9340 Bookings, with a daily average of 467 Inmates and a staff of 116.
Inmates range from low level misdemeanor offenders to those being held and awaiting trial for violent crimes like robbery, rape and murder. Therefore, the security level must be high.

All of the men and women being held in the Queens Detention Complex are either awaiting trial or have been sentenced in the Queens County Court System and been sentenced to one year or less. 

Family and Friends of inmates are allowed to:
•    Receive phone calls from the inmates, 
•    Provide them with commissary money,
•    Receive and send them mail
•    Schedule a time to visit

Convicted and Sentenced Inmates
When an inmate is convicted and sentenced to a year or more, they are transferred to the New York State Prison System or the Federal Bureau of Prisons.  

Inmates that are convicted of a misdemeanor and/or sentenced to less than one year of a state crime serve their time in the jail. 

Illegal immigrants convicted of a state or federal crime will first do their time, then may be transferred into ICE custody for deportation.

How do you Visit an Inmate in NYC Rikers or other Correctional facilities?

To lean about inmate visitation in the NYC Correction Department, read the following:

TELEVISITING (Remote Visitation)

Televisiting will take place from 8:00am to 2:00pm on Saturday, and 8:00am to 2:00pm on Sunday. Televisiting follows the Department's existing in-person visit schedule, which organizes visit days based on the first letter of the person in custody's last name. Please refer to the Visit Schedule in order to determine which day of the week you may visit your loved one.

VISIT SCHEDULE (changes monthly)

In-person visits will take place Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.- and Friday mornings from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Visitors need to arrive 1 hour prior to their scheduled visit time. Visits will follow the existing visitor schedule according to the last name of the individual in custody.

To learn more about the Queens Detention Complex inmate visitation procedures, polices and schedules, which change monthly, check out our Inmate Visitation Page.


Can Inmates Use Tablets in the Queens Detention Complex, and Rikers Island and NYC DOC Jails?

To find out if NYC DOC inmates have access to Tablets, check out our Tablet Rental Page.


How Inmates in Queens Detention Complex, Rikers Island and the entire NYC DOC Jail System Make Phone Calls

To find out how Queens Detention Complex makes phone calls, read this information:

  • Inmates in the Queens Detention Complex can make 21 minutes worth of domestic calls every three hours, with no call going longer than 15 minutes.
  • Inmates in Segregation get less time, and only once a day maximum.
  • There is a fee if an inmate wants to buy more phone calling time when incarcerated in the NYC DOC.

For all the information on how to buy time, using tablets to make calls, how much it costs and more, check out out Inmate Phone Page.


How to Deposit Money in the Account of an NYC DOC Inmate in Queens Detention Complex

To deposit money in the commissary account of an NYC DOC inmate, follow these instructions:

  • You can deposit money online using Jpay, Western Union or Moneygram. The money can also be used for bail.
  • You can mail a money order of cashier's check into Queens Detention Complex.
  • You can deposit cash into a kiosk that is located in the Vernon C. Bain Center in the Bronx.

For all the information, including links to all of the online deposit methods and addresses fo mailing money orders, check out our Send Money Page.


What is the Queens Detention Complex?... Where is it Located?... Who is in Jail There? ... How Many Inmates are There?

  • Queens Detention Complex is one of twelve jails in the New York City Department of Correction.
  • There are 467 beds in the facility.
  • There are over 9340 of Bookings every year.
  • It is located on the 19th Floor of the Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan.

For all the information about Queens Detention Complex, how to reach an inmate there, how to find out if the inmate is there, or where he went when he was released, check out our Family Info Page.


How to Mail, What Can you Mail and What Can't you Mail to an Inmate in Queens Detention Complex, or Rikers Island or NYC DOC Inmates

To understand the Mail Policies for Queens Detention Complex requires a lot of time and attention as NYC DOC Jails are some of the most permissive in America.

1. Queens Detention Complex allows unlimited mail.
2. They allow packages to be sent in to inmates.
3. They allow magazines, newspapers and books to be sent direct from friends and family.
4. They allow clothing, jewelry, art supplies and all kinds of stuff to be sent to inmates.

In short, to fully understand the Queens Detention Complex and see the full list of things you can mail to an inmate, check out our Inmate Mail Page.


How to Look Up an Inmate in Queens Detention Complex, Rikers Island or the NYC DOC Jail System.

To look up an inmate in Queens Detention Complex or any of the New York City Department of Correction follow these instructions:

1. Proceed to the NYC DOC Inmate Locator Page.
2. Type in the inmate's first name, last name or case and book number.
3. If you just type in the first name or last name, you will see a list of every inmate that uses that name.
4. Select your inmate from that list.

For full instructions on how to interpret the information on the Inmate Search Locator including criminal charges, bail, court dates and more, check out our Mugshots Page.


How to Order Commissary for Queens Detention Complex, Rikers Island or NYC Jails

Instructions for ordering commissary for Queens Detention Complex will soon be announced.
The New York City Department of Correction is rolling out a new commissary system in the Spring of 2022. Inmates will be able to order commissary directly and have it delivered from an outside vendor. Stay tuned for updates.

This jailhouse 'Uber Eats' system will be replacing the current commissary system.

Stay tuned by checking out our Commissary Page for Queens Detention Complex


How to Bail out an Inmate in Queens Detention Complex or any NYC or Rikers Island Jail

To Bail out an inmate in Queens Detention Complex or a New York City Jail follow these instructions:

1. You can post bail either online or in person.
2. To post bail online or in person you need the exact name your inmate used when arrested, and their book and case number. You can find this information here.
3. You can use one of multiple payment systems online.... Western Union, Moneygram or Jpay.
4. In person bail payments must be made in Brooklyn, Queens or the Bronx.
5. Personal checks or Money Orders exceeding $1,000 will NOT be accepted for bail.

For the complete information on how to bail out someone from Queens Detention Complex or any Rikers island or NYC Jail, check out our Inmate Bail Page.


Third Party Jail Inmate Services for Queens Detention Complex

Communication and Monetary Services for Family and Friends of Inmates

Gone are the days where Queens Detention Complex supervised their own phone system, mail system, visitation, commissary and inmate money deposit systems. Jails throughout the United States are now partnering with high tech companies to provide and manage these servives for them and the jail in Queens County is no different.

Everything from video calls, to messages to visitation, and even digital mail and money deposits can be done from your home computer or personal device. Inmates in Queens Detention Complex, if they don't already, will soon have their own personal tablets for watching movies, TV shows, access to educational and and legal information, and more.

As Queens Detention Complex adds these services, JAILEXCHANGE will add them to our pages, helping you access the services and answering your questions about how to use them and what they cost.

You can check out this information now by going to the: Family Info page, Visit Inmate page, Inmate Mail page, Inmate Phone page, Send Money page, Inmate Bail page, Mugshots page, Text/Email an Inmate page, Commissary page, Remote Visits page, or the Tablet Rental page. 

Queens Detention Complex

New York Queens 467


126-01 82nd Street
Kew Gardens, NY 11415



Inmate's First and Last Name
126-01 82nd Street
Kew Gardens, NY 11415


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Frequently Asked Questions

How many inmates are in the Queens Detention Complex in New York?
There are 467 inmates in the Queens Detention Complex in New York. While that is what they are approved to have incarcerated at any one time, they have on occasion had to add additional beds, even having inmates sleep on the floor when overcrowding becomes an issue. When possible, Queens Detention Complex will temporarily transfer some inmates to a neighboring facility, or if necessary, release some offenders from custody. Learn more about how to search for a specific inmate in the Queens Detention Complex.

How many people get arrested and booked into the Queens Detention Complex in New York every year?
In 2021, a total of 9340 offenders were booked into the Queens Detention Complex in New York. That is less than previous years, mostly due to restrictions related to the COVID pandemic. As of April 2022, the number of arrests and bookings are returning to normal, which means they are running higher than 2021. Learn more about how to search for an inmate in the Queens Detention Complex.

How many people work at the Queens Detention Complex in New York?
The Queens Detention Complex maintains a staff of approximately 116. Staff positions include correction officers, maintenance, clerical, kitchen workers and management. New York law allows for inmates to work alongside the paid staff during their incarceration, saving the facility money. Even though the inmates are paid, the cost is less than 15% of what a normal worker from the outside would be paid.

Does the Queens Detention Complex in New York have an inmate search or jail roster to see who is in custody?
Yes, the Queens Detention Complex in New York has an Inmate Search Roster feature. Learn more about how to search for an inmate in the Queens Detention Complex. When you get to this page click on the big green button that reads 'OFFICIAL Queens Detention Complex INMATE LIST'. After clicking on the link, type in the offender's name and then click 'search'. You can always call and speak to someone on the staff at 718-575-5387 if you are have further questions. In most cases the Inmate Roster provides information about the inmate's bond, criminal charges, mugshot, and even their release date, as long as they are not being sent to a New York prison or the US Bureau of Prisons to serve a sentence that is longer than one year.

What is the address and phone number of the Queens Detention Complex in New York?
The Queens Detention Complex address and phone number is: 126-01 82nd Street
Kew Gardens, NY 11415. Their phone number is 718-575-5387. To find out the address for sending an inmate mail, sending newspapers, magazines or care packages, learn more about how to mail an inmate in the Queens Detention Complex.

Where do I found out all the inmate services at Queens Detention Complex, such as visitation policy and schedule, how the inmate phone system works, emailing an inmate, and sending them money to buy things in commissary?
Here is where you get direct access to all the information you need for Queens Detention Complex inmate services: Learn more about how to visit an inmate in the Queens Detention Complex. Learn more about how to get phone calls from an inmate in the Queens Detention Complex. Learn more about how to text/email an inmate in the Queens Detention Complex. Learn more about how to send money to an inmate in the Queens Detention Complex. Learn more about how to mail an inmate and what's allowed in the Queens Detention Complex. Learn more about inmate commissary in the Queens Detention Complex.

How do I bail or bond an inmate out of the Queens Detention Complex?
Call 718-575-5387 for the type of bond and any information that is required for a particular individual at Queens Detention Complex. A bond is set according to a court-approved schedule. You will either have to pay a cash bail, or put up a private, surety or a property bond to guarantee to the court that the defendant will return on their assigned court date. Learn more about how to bail or bond out an inmate in the Queens Detention Complex.

This facility, known as "Queens Detention Complex" is also known as QDC, New York City Department of Correction, New York City Inmate Search & Arrests, Brooklyn Inmate Search & Arrests, Queens Inmate Search & Arrests, Bronx Inmate Search & Arrests, Staten Island Inmate Search & Arrests, Manhattan Inmate Search & Arrests, Richmond County Inmate Search & Arrests, NYC DOC Inmate Search & Arrests , New York City Police Arrests, NYPD Arrests, Queens Detention Complex - QN.