Fun Ideas to Mail to Your Inmate

Mail is a great way to communicate with your inmate. In addition to serious letters, here are some fun ways to amuse each other through the mail. These can be done on postcards or letters.

Top 10

Each of you make a list of your favorite five things about the other person and also write down five things you each believe the other will say they like best about you. It will be fun to see how closely you guessed and what the actual five turn out to be. Agree to send these out the same day as each other to avoid cheating.

Mystery writing

Choose a category such as person, place or thing. Pick something from that category and write it down somewhere you won’t lose it. The other person gets to write ONE question in each correspondence about it. You answer the one question in your next correspondence. After 10 questions have been asked and answered, the person guesses the person, place or thing.

Design a story

You start it by writing the first paragraph of a short story and ask your inmate to respond with the next paragraph. Agree to exchange paragraphs for a determined number of times (such as 25 paragraphs) and watch how the story takes twists and turns. This is enjoyable because one paragraph can change the entire meaning and direction of the story. Remember, guards are reading, so keep it clean or it might not get through.

Final thought: Playing games through the mail helps add fun and variety to your inmate’s life and gives you the opportunity to share each other’s thoughts and creativity. Try new ideas as they come to you.

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