Bail Bonds: How do I get my name off my boyfriend’s jail bond?

You bailed him out but he made you mad and now you want off the bond. It’s possible but there are no guarantees.

Reason for request: If he is violating conditions of his bond or threatening to go on the run instead of to court, getting off the bond is a good idea. If it’s for a less serious reason, consider the possible results before taking action.

What might happen: If you are successful in getting your name removed from the bond, it is possible that he will be taken into custody and have to sit in jail until his hearing. Be sure you are okay with that before pursuing the issue.

Contact the company:  They are not obligated to take you off the bond but will listen to your request and reasons. When you co-signed for the bond you promised to have him at each court appearance, or forfeit the entire amount.  This might make them leery about letting you off without having him in custody. If they let you off and he runs, then they, not you are responsible for the entire amount.

Give information: The best way to convince the bond company to let you out of the contract is to provide information about where he is, where he works, hangs out and sleeps. They might want to pick him up before taking your name off the paperwork, so give them as much information as you can about his whereabouts.

Final thoughts:  In some cases, the bond company will agree to remove you from the contract and allow him to sign his own bond. In other cases, he will have to have a new co-signer or go to jail. There are valid reasons for requesting removal off a bond contract. Be sure your reasons are valid because the consequences to him can be serious.

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