Avoid These Words During a Jail Call

It might feel like your husband’s calls from jail are just between the two of you, but that is not always the case. All calls are recorded. Many facilities then use a computer program to “listen” to the calls and identify those that contain certain words or phrases.

  1. Escape:  The word escape is a trigger for the computer programs and can be misleading For example, you are telling him about work that day and you innocently say, “I couldn’t wait to escape” and come home.
  2. Kill: You might be telling him how you kill time while waiting to see him, or that you are going to kill the weeds in the yard. All the computer knows is the word kill came up and if it is not investigated, a murder might be in the planning stages.
  3. Bomb: Following 9-11, most recorded calls in any type of facility are examined if the word “bomb” is included. If your husband is a known gang member or on a terrorist watch list, this word is going to get immediate attention.
  4. Coerce: Coercing a witness is a crime, usually a felony. If you had to coerce the puppy out from under the couch, the phrase, “convinced him to come out” is a better choice.
  5. Bribe:  There are so many past news stories about jail personnel accepting bribes that this word is sure to be on the watch list.
  6. Incriminating phrases detailing how you know he is guilty.

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It’s not necessary to speak slowly and monitor everything you say. Using these words won’t cause your husband immediate harm, but do you really want every single word the two of you say to each other, listened to, noted in records and discussed among jail authorities?  In addition, once your calls are red-flagged each one might be listened to for months to come.




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