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Probation and Parole Violation

Ever wondered what it'd be like to tread the thin line? You're high up, trying your best to keep balance and avoid a fall. That's exactly how life feels when you're on parole - one misstep could send you spiraling down. But do we all understand what... Read more

What Happens When an Inmate Dies in Custody?

Did you know there are around two million people in jails and prisons across the country? That number has increased 500% over the previous 40 years.  Many people know someone who has served or is currently serving a sentence in prison. It ca... Read more

What is an Interstate Compact Agreement for a Felon?

An Interstate Compact request made while you are on probation or parole can take a long time, but there is no other way to have your supervision transferred from one state to another without it.  Here are some of the basics that apply to most cases. ... Read more

Can a Felon Own a Gun In West Virginia?

West Virginia still requires you to receive a pardon from the governor’s office before you can own/possess a gun in that state. Obtaining a pardon in West Virginia is very difficult. Over a recent period of nine different governors, only 131 pardons ... Read more

Federal Inmate Visitation Facts

Your husband will be allowed to have visitors on visitation day once he reaches his home federal prison. You will need to be on his visitation list and get approved but once that happens you can go see him. You might find the following information us... Read more

Sending a Commissary MoneyGram to a Federal Inmate

Sending commissary funds to a federal inmate through the post office can cause delays. Try these five steps to get it there with a MoneyGram. In Person Be sure he is actually at the federal prison. The federal system can take weeks and even mo... Read more

The State Dropped My Criminal Case: Can Feds Pick It Up?

When the State dropped its criminal case, you probably breathed a sigh of relief. In most cases, that will be end of it, but you should know the Feds have the right to pick the case up and go for it in Federal Court. They can prosecute any State case... Read more

Convicted Felon Benefits: 4 Steps to Get Your Social Security Payments Started Again Once You Are Freed

The Social Security Administration didn’t waste any time. Thirty days after your conviction your payments were cut off. Can I get Social Security benefits if I’ve been convicted of a felony? While you can’t get those lost payments back, you can... Read more