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Dealing With Allergies While Incarcerated

You are about to take the deal and it comes with jail or prison time. If you have allergies to food, plants, fabric or other environmental things, it is important that the administrators are made aware. Having an allergic reaction while incarcerat... Read more

What is a Medical POD?

A medical POD in a county jail is an area where prisoners with medical conditions are incarcerated. In some cases, the inmates have long-term medical conditions. In others it is temporary such as for a severe illness or injury that will be recovered ... Read more

Can a Terminally Ill Inmate Get Pardoned?

It is devastating to learn that someone you love has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. When that person is an inmate, the thought of him dying alone instead of surrounded by family can be very hard to handle. Fortunately, depending on the se... Read more

What is a Mental Health Court?

You have Bipolar Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), or severe anxiety, and your mental illness causes you to make poor choices. You may even commit crimes. Some counties in the USA have Mental Health Courts which are designed to help yo... Read more

Three Good Reasons to Workout in Prison

Prison is not for the faint at heart. To succeed at doing time, inmates need to develop coping mechanisms such as not showing fear, maintaining health, and passing time. A regular workout routine can help in all of these areas 1. Maintaining Healt... Read more

What to Do When You Are Pregnant and Going to Jail or Prison

If you are pregnant and have been sentenced to do time in a county jail or a prison, there are some things you should do to insure the best care for you and your child during the pregnancy and also after the baby is born. Bring your paperwork to t... Read more

Inmate Surgery: What if a Prisoner Requires Specialized Treatment?

Whether your inmate had a medical condition requiring surgery before going to jail or the condition developed after he was there, the jail is legally responsible for making sure his needs are taken care of. In most cases the following steps will be t... Read more

Does An Inmate Deserve Good Health Care?

On Feb 11, 2013 my husband, Scott passed away. He was 40 years old and had been serving a 42-month sentence on drug-related charges prior to his death. He was in the custody of the Kansas Department of Corrections when he died. For most of his life, ... Read more