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You’ve Been Arrested – What’s the County Jail Booking Process?

You’ve been arrested and you are sitting in the back of a police cruiser on your way to the jail. If this is your first time going to jail, you will be aware of two things: The adrenaline rush of fear of the unknown world you have always wondered abo... Read more

When you are in Jail, Can you get in trouble for Hurting Someone in a Fight?

The issue of 'stand your ground' laws has come to the forefront in light of the Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin incident in Sanford, Florida. But what about if it happens in jail? When you get in a fight in jail, can you get in trouble... especially if the ... Read more

Jail and Prison Myths and Truths – What Really Goes On in Jails?

For many people the idea of being in jail or prison is a frightening one. Being locked in a building, surrounded by armed guards and layers of razor wire can be daunting. But is it as bad as television, movies and the media want us to believe?  The a... Read more