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Women In Reentry: Overcoming Emotional Deprivation and Vulnerability

Incarceration is traumatic. For women it’s particularly emotionally damaging. I guess if it’s true that women are emotional creatures by nature that would explain the damages to some extent. We do know that women are nurturers by nature. When women a... Read more

The Execution of Larry Griffin and What it Meant to Others

Stories about the experiences of serving time with men who are on death row always incite my compassion. I have learned about friendships on death row, and I try to imagine what it’s like to live in such close proximity with someone you know who is s... Read more

Hope Is Essential While Serving Time In Prison

Someone once told me that they saw a sign inside of a prison where they were housed that read, “Welcome to Hell. Leave all of your hopes and dreams behind.” I couldn’t phantom something so cruel. Why would someone create and post a sign like that? Ho... Read more

Supervision after Incarceration Is Not that Difficult

Today I can’t help but reminisce about the women I left behind in Federal Prison. Some of them are serving LIFE sentences for lesser crimes than I have committed. Yesterday I went to a Mass Orientation at Court Services and Offender Supervision Ag... Read more

Christmas in Prison

I’m sitting here reminiscing on the years I spent behind bars, and I can’t help but recall the holiday seasons I lived through. To be exact, I spent 18 Christmases and 17 New Years days incarcerated. Each year the staff distributed Christmas packa... Read more

Sean Thompson-El is a Man Who Achieved His Goals, Despite Nearly 30 Years in Prison

Sean Thompson-El is a 49-year old man who has spent almost 30 years in prison. He was released four years ago and he had a five-year plan that he put into action. He wanted to obtain his Master’s Degree and step up to the plate as the Patriarch of hi... Read more

Four Tips for Re-Entry

“The world that we left was long gone. The danger was that our ideas had become frozen in time. Prison is a still point in a turning world, and it is very easy to remain in the same place in jail while the world moves on.” Nelson Mandela – A Long Wal... Read more

Darius Clark Monroe’s Film, Evolution of a Criminal, and Thoughts on College After Incarceration

Last week I participated in a panel discussion following the screening of a film called Evolution of a Criminal, by Darius Clark Monroe. The film was a self-made documentary about Darius Clark’s decision to rob a bank where he held several of its cus... Read more