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Los Angeles County Jail Overview

Did you know that the Los Angeles County jail system is the largest jail jurisdiction in the United States? When a loved one becomes incarcerated, it can be a distressing and overwhelming experience for family and friends. Not only a... Read more

A Guide to What Crimes Can Get You Incarcerated in the United States

There are over 2 million people incarcerated in the USA, making it home to the highest jail and prison population in the world. Crimes are sentenced as either felonies or misdemeanors. Felonies will almost always result in incarceration, wherea... Read more

The Ins and Outs of Visitation Rights in AZ: What You Need to Know

Jail doors are swinging open! Nearly 41,000 people were in Arizona jails and prisons in 2019.  You would think that these people have visitation rights to see their families and friends. While most prisoners can see their families, they... Read more

What You Need to Know About County Jails

Every year, more than ten million people in America are arrested for a plethora of crimes. These can range from violent crimes to burglary, to illegal gambling. However, if you or a loved one gets arrested, you won't immediately end up in state pris... Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Calling an Inmate

Almost 1% of the US population is incarcerated. That means that millions and millions of friends, family members, and legal aids are on the outside trying to make contact with an inmate. Calling an inmate isn't quite as simple as you might think.... Read more

How to Write a Letter to an Inmate

Inmates come from all walks of life. More than 1.8 million Americans were incarcerated in prisons and jails in 2020.  But all inmates share something in common. They all appreciate it when someone sends them a prison letter. If you want t... Read more

How to Find an Inmate in Jail

The effort to find an inmate can be an understandably challenging one when you consider there are around 1.8 million people incarcerated throughout the United States. On top of that, they're housed among various agencies ranging from local to state ... Read more

What is an Inmate Money or Commissary Account?

Most jails and prisons in America allow friends and family members of inmates to make deposits to inmate money accounts. They are set up to give the inmate access to various services including commissary purchases and phone use. Some facilities deduc... Read more