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Tips For Making The Most of Your Visit to an Inmate

If someone you love is incarcerated, you may want to visit them. Prison can be lonely and isolating, which is why regular visits are the best way to support an inmate while they serve their time. After doing an inmate search to find your loved one, ... Read more

Common Mistakes People Make When Sending an Inmate Money

If you're supporting a loved one in prison, you may need to send them money from time to time. Sending money to an inmate can be a confusing process if you've never done it before. There are many different ways to pay and many distinct laws and limi... Read more

How To Maximize Your Time when Calling an Inmate

Staying in touch with incarcerated friends and family can pose some unique challenges. Although there are numerous ways you can communicate with an inmate during this heartbreaking situation, strict regulations can make contact with the incarcerated... Read more

What Are the Fees of Sending Money to an Inmate?

For incarcerated individuals, every bit of assistance and communication they receive from friends, family, and loved ones can make a significant difference. Sending money to an inmate in prison, jail, or another correctional facility is one of the b... Read more

Dallas County, TX Jail Overview

Did you know that the Dallas county jail holds 7,500 inmates and that 18% of inmates are currently waiting for transfer to state and federal agencies?  The Dallas Country Jail is one of the largest county jails in the state of Texa... Read more

Orange County, FL Jail Overview

Did you know that there is one jail and prison in Orange County, Florida per 92,158 people? If you have a loved one currently detained at the Orange County, FL County Jail, you likely have many questions and concerns. Navigating the ... Read more

Riverside County Jail Overview

Are you looking for information about the Riverside County Jail? Do you want to know what it’s like to be an inmate at the Riverside County Jail? In this article, we’ll provide an overview of the Riverside County Jail. This includes its loca... Read more

Miami-Dade County Jail Overview

Did you know that there were around 81,027 prisoners in Florida as of 2020? There are many jails in Florida, but one of the most substantial is the Miami-Dade County jail. If you have a relative that has gone to this jail, you may want to ... Read more