Higher Education: What Type of Education Is Available to Inmates While They Are In Jail?

Why are educational opportunities important within jails and prisons? There are many benefits of introducing educational classes into jail, including lower recidivism rates. For inmates who are reentering society after incarceration, one of the most... Read more

Working in Jail: The Guide to Inmate Employment

For those staying in county or city jail, sentences are typically short–not more than one year at most. However, even with a relatively short sentence, having activities such as a work program may be a welcome way to pass the time. Plus, work progra... Read more

Inmate Meals: What Is Food Like In Local County and City Jails?

Meals in county jails are designed to provide inmates with the necessary calories and nutrients to survive. However, inmate meals aren't usually focused on variety or flavor. While stays in county jails are typically short for most inmates, there ar... Read more

Mugshots: After Jail, How Can An Inmate Remove Their Mugshots From Public Records?

No matter the charges, every inmate that gets booked into jail has their mugshot taken for public records. These public records can then be on the internet in a matter of hours or days. The instant uploading of an inmate's mugshot means that anyone ... Read more

How Does Expungement Work: An Inmate Guide on Life After Jail

There are many reasons why someone might want to get their arrest record expunged. From discrimination in housing to jeopardizing job opportunities, having a public arrest record can impact a person's future. Expungement is an opportunity for these ... Read more

Bail: What To Do If Your Loved One's Bail Is Set Too High?

If your loved one has been arrested, getting them out of jail is probably one of the first things on your mind. After someone has been charged with a crime and has appeared before a judge for a bail hearing, they'll be able to go home if they are ab... Read more

Recidivism Rates among County Jail Inmates

Reducing crime rates and preventing people from cycling in and out of the legal system is a goal for the entire country. Unfortunately, there are millions of people booked in county jails per year in the US. In fact, the incarceration rate in the US... Read more

Inmate Health and Healthcare Expenditure in County Jails

County jails are required by law to provide necessary healthcare services to inmates. The cost of inmate healthcare varies by jail. Some states see high spending statistics per inmate on healthcare, while others are much lower. But, delivering quali... Read more